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11/23/2014 c22 1Edna-Mode413
Mind Blown
8/31/2014 c22 3Im Just Mlssundaztood
The story began just as any other average teenage romance. We got to know the likable lead female character fall in love with the troubled male. There seemed to be no real reason for J drinking/school problems. In fact they didn't even seem that much of an issue. The distraction was the taboo of them being stepsiblings. By the time the truth came out it made sense in an unexpected way. The feeling when you led us into a false sense of security just to rip the metaphorical rug from under us is indescribable. I loved how her confronting Roseanne was just the two of them. So often people ruin a hard topic by over dramatizing the revealing. And Laine...I did not realize what she was capable of.
What she did was right because she concinced us there was no other way. My mind went everywhere during this review but point is I love this story.
8/2/2014 c23 Booklover5624
Wow what just happened ? My mind is reeling right now . Just give me a moment *sobs into pillow . Okay I think I'm okay . I like the story and it's strangely amazing in my opinion . Ugh my emotions .
1/3/2014 c22 Alyson
I love this story so much! I honestly don't understand why this story (and all your others) don't have hundreds of reviews :) It was written really well, almost in a surreal kind of way, like abstract poetry. I was a little confused at the end, and it's a little disturbing that she killed an innocent baby but I suppose that was how it had to be. Fantastic fantastic story! Love it! :D
1/2/2014 c22 Hannah
Sometimes I come back to this story just to reread it. I don't see it as incestuous at all because they were never really connected as brother and sister, there bond was always going to be one that was seen as taboo though.
Honestly this is the most amazing piece of fiction I have ever read on this site and I'm shocked it doesn't have thousands of reviews. The way it is structured is impeccable and I'm in awe of your characters and the progression.
I adore this story so much, I holds so much emotion, faultless emotion that touches you from the heart. Amazing.
9/13/2013 c22 1Belly boo1099
Aww that was a sad story. Confusing at times but interesting
8/30/2013 c22 Guest
I really liked your story, I didn't expect it to take the turn that it did, I'm really conflicted about the whole baby thing (I love children even the really bad and annoying ones) but I understand why she did it, she didn't want the baby to grow up like Jace and Darren, but like another reviewer said, what's to stop her from having another kid. But all in all this was very different from the usual light stories that I find, and while I like those kind of stories when I'm in a bad place, I liked to be surprised every now and then and your story definitely did that. This story is going into my vautl of memorable stories! Jace and Laine.
6/24/2013 c22 Bibliophilesunite
Love this story. Love the twist, the two leads, the family backgrounds, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about it.

I wrote this review so that you would understand how well you write and you realise you are admired. Also to show my appreciation, of course.
6/17/2013 c1 Bibliophilesunite
When she is talking to him, is she in the kitchen or the bedroom? It's kinda confusing.
6/10/2013 c22 Dominique Diane
OH MY GOD! SO AMAZING! A lot of drama but still lovely!
2/24/2013 c22 2ilikedaisychains

Without completely meaning to quote 500 Days Of Summer: I don't see this as a love story, but I do see it as a story about love. True love. And for me, that's what made it so gripping and beautiful.

And I think that it's because of how three-dimensional you made your characters, how real they seemed through you showing their faults and not always holding them up in the light, that adds to how breathtakingly moving this whole story is.

I honestly loved it. And I think it's so clever how you planned it all, how you set it out. I loved how you had Laine speak to us as though she really saw us. I felt like she was talking to me, saying that she could trust me because I'd stuck around that far, and it really moved me. I felt like they were my friends, and she was entrusting me with her most prized secrets, and it was all because I'd stuck around and been there for her, providing a listening ear when she'd needed it.

And just to throw it out there, I loved Jace. I think he was just a loveable character. You showed his ups and downs, his innermost thoughts. You never tried to force us into liking him, you gave us every reason why he didn't even like himself, and yet he seemed so real, and so loving but troubled, that all I wanted was just to reach through my laptop screen and give him a hug.

You handled everything so well, and it was all so believable. When I finished the last chapter, I felt like it was all real, like Jace and Laine are over in Brisbane right now, happy and together. This whole story is genius. I loved it.

Congratulations on creating such an amazing story, it's officially going down in my favourites. I can't believe this hasn't had more attention and reviews than it has, it deserves it. Thank you for writing this - even though I stayed up until almost four am this morning reading this, and now I'm tired as hell, it was worth it :-)
12/27/2012 c22 1chrysxnthemum
Beautiful love story 3
12/12/2012 c22 2Usuicross
I adored this story. I love the way you write your sentences, I love the way you use punctuations, I love the way you use paragraphs.

Overall, I'd say I adore Jace's character, too. And even Laine.

Thanks for writing it :D You're awesome.

8/15/2012 c22 RubyRed22
Wow. You're a genius. I don't think anyone could have written this story better. It was just so BRILLIANTLY put together; there's really no other way to describe it.

Your writing skills are magnificent - the way Elena ponders situations and her life, how everything slowly unravels, and how you used choppy sentences with careful wording to make it captivating and mysterious.

Crazy twist at the end, too. I don't even know how it's possible to think up an ending as amazing as that... It's almost like a puzzle... The pieces of this story are so meticulously placed, and the last pieces in the final chapter end up giving you a completely different picture.
Shit... The ending... Just. Whoa.

I've seen good writers. I've seen great plots with witty characters. I've seen tragic endings. I've seen fluffy happily ever afters. But this? This is real writing. I think you're going to go far, and this deserves to be published.

It had an amazing storyline - with its interesting family and relationship problems - but for me, what made this story was you, as the phenomenal writer you are!

Good luck.


P.S. I don't think I've ever been this passionate about a story before... ;)
8/15/2012 c19 RubyRed22
Oh my gosh, you've successfully made me cry... I get it now. That's just...
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