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5/27/2011 c1 2Stormtex
Who don't hate people at times?

10/25/2010 c54 54wayfaringstrangers
That's why I stopped writing long chapters. Now, I just sum everything up in a nutshell instead of typing out every little detail.

But, then again, sometimes you need to write every detail so that YOU'll remember.

Anyway, this Jack sounds like a confusing person. Then again, most guys in general are confusing.

I hope you figure things out between you guys soon.
10/18/2010 c53 wayfaringstrangers
Making new friends is always fun, :D
10/11/2010 c51 wayfaringstrangers

That whole 10/10/10 thing totally escaped me.
10/11/2010 c49 wayfaringstrangers

That sounds fun! Haha
10/10/2010 c51 23Mandisaurus-rex
Yes, yes, do tell :)


Well you know...if you want :P
10/10/2010 c51 11pretty twisted
do tell, i'm curious!
9/23/2010 c47 54wayfaringstrangers
Ahh, the cleaning part sucks.

But I'm glad to hear (or read) that you moved in already! :)
9/21/2010 c46 wayfaringstrangers

Glad to see you're happy.
9/21/2010 c43 wayfaringstrangers
You may as well live it up while you're still young. Pretty soon, you won't have time to go clubbing and drink a bunch of alcohol.
9/21/2010 c41 wayfaringstrangers
I do that, too. When I go somewhere with my best friend, we'll sit there for a while and watch people and make up stories about their lives. It does help to pass time.
9/19/2010 c46 11pretty twisted
haha, have fun. xD
9/18/2010 c2 Khaled
Public transportation for the win.
9/18/2010 c1 Khaled
I think that monkeys would drive me more mad than people do. And, that's saying a lot.
9/15/2010 c43 pretty twisted
D: I get it.
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