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for We Are Broken

10/11/2014 c10 MostDopeTaylor
What the actual fuck! I've been waiting forever for this story to finish!
9/3/2012 c9 skye real
Oh wow, I can so empathise with the characters of your stories thus far, having gone through similar situation myself.

Love the story. Can't wait to read the following chapters :-)
9/3/2012 c10 skye real
OMG! You are cruel!

I love the story line its so interesting.
8/6/2012 c10 darkgurl92
i hope lucas comes in time.. update soon.
8/5/2012 c10 Jim
You're one evil bitch. Update tomorrow.
3/14/2011 c9 littlemiss76
Not a bad little story here girly. You should finish it. :D
1/9/2011 c9 13Teeiinneell
Even though the way you write is choppy and sort of repetive, your plot managed to hook me enough that I read AIL and WAB in just a few hours.

I hope that you update soon because I definitely have a thing for the 'Love to Hate You' stories.

- Tee
1/1/2011 c9 soccerchickforever
Oh this is not good. :O Ashlynn over thought the whole situation and since she did she hurt Lucas :(

Hope ya get your inspiration back... And I hope whatever crazy shit is happening stops.

So I hope you had a great Christmas and an even better new year. I wish you all the best!

Update soon?

- Nat
1/1/2011 c8 soccerchickforever
yo, yo, yo.

Lucas is not to girly, he's just in like, or love, whichever way you want to look at it x)

hahaha, great chapter :)

- Nat
1/1/2011 c7 soccerchickforever


loved it :)

- nat
1/1/2011 c6 soccerchickforever
Great chapter :)

and poor ashlynn

- nat
1/1/2011 c5 soccerchickforever
Oh god. what did those 2 do? They are so going to regret that...

Great chapter though :)

- nat
1/1/2011 c4 soccerchickforever
HI :)

haha Jimmi is right, Ashlynn and Lucas are so oblivious... lol

And its not a load of shit! It was good :)

- nat
1/1/2011 c3 soccerchickforever
Hi again. :P

O, I remember Stormi :O

Great chapter!

1/1/2011 c2 soccerchickforever
Let me just say this, Lucas is a douche -_-

Gosh, he is such an ass.

Anyways, great chap. :)

- nat
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