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8/17/2010 c2 7Tipsy101
I guess you're 16/17/18 if you have one year left of school? I'm 20, left school 3 years ago and have just finished my first year at university and still have no idea what I want to do with my life!

Don't spend too long thinking about it because you will just keep on going round in circles tying yourself in knots which sounds you're already doing!

Just follow your heart! I know that sounds like a really cheesy thing to say. But seriously, follow your heart and do what YOU want to do.

If I had taken that advice some years ago I wouldn't be in the mess I am right now.

8/17/2010 c2 6MeAsIAm
You are in 12th right? Same boat. I know this feeling - its like a sand clock that's running, like a river which no engineer can build a dam on. And during some time in a day or the week, I sit up, suddenly hit by the fact that next year will change my life forever. I have already decided on my course, and my parents support it halfheartedly, and my brother with a little less than that. Only my twin supports me, even if she has no idea what to do - M or B.

..I read a book or catch a television show be that I want to be in that character's shoes and escape my own reality?

- I will not call it that, but when you strip down a story, you'll find that many parts of it actually relate to the writer's life or are a projection of hidden feelings. Many skeptics will believe it to be a portal, where one curls up, engrossed in someone elses' troubles for a change (even if its a feisty heroine in a book or a weepy actress on the tv) and forgets about their own problems for the time being. That's why it's called entertainment.

Why does the career I choose have to be stable and lucrative?

- I agree with this! Really, all my family, extended and otherwise are engineers. Pure bred 100 percent engineers. So they expect more engineers in the family. So what does it matter if I take longer than everyone else to accomplish my goal? So what does it matter if I make less than all my siblings for some years? I'll be happy doing it.

Is this the beginning of the end for me?

- Interesting question. I wake up sometimes thinking, oh my god, I'll not be able to get even an 85 on the boards and I fret about it the whole day. Maybe its the jitters of a new start.

This is the first time that you have to shoulder your own responsibility and down the years, everything you do will be attributed (or blamed) on you. Not your parents. Not your friends. Only you.

I think that's what scares us.

Sorry if this sounded a bit self absorbed, but I can relate to this scarily, so a lot of thoughts that have been doing rounds in my head danced across the keyboard.

via the roadhouse
8/17/2010 c1 MeAsIAm
An interesting start. I agree with you about the mediums of expression of different people - painting, singing, carving, acting, anything can be used to express oneself. In my school, we had an hour every week where the time was officially allotted for what can be translated in English as 'Expression'. I took four different subjects for four years, and each one of them became a medium of expression. I like the honesty in this. People do want to be noticed, people do want to be in the limelight, even if they say otherwise. It's just a natural instinct to crave the attention, even for a second.

via the roadhouse
8/17/2010 c2 icedpandacookies
Of course not!

You're right to want to pursue writing as a career if that's what you want! The right carrer for you is the one that you are happy doing; I'm sure no one will mind if you become a published author with a best-selling series of novels.

Do what YOU want, not what others tell you you want.
8/17/2010 c2 colour-coated stop sign
The truth is, you have more time than you think. I am a senior as well, and I won't decide until after my gap year. Be what you want to be, not what your parents try to be.
8/17/2010 c2 4paper ballerina
you are a brilliant writer. and i like that you involve quotes/habits of famous people. i hope one day i read an entire book by you, but one which i find in the homes of thousands of people all over the world. also, i can recommend "paper towns" by john green. its a good book, and "margo" [a character in the book] is much in the same position as you. anyway, ignore me if you think im some annoying chick who doesnt know what im gibbering about. other wise, KEEP WRITING!

8/17/2010 c1 paper ballerina
Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it, your life will not go unwitnessed because I will witness it.

here is your own words, proof that i will listen, and i find your story interesting already. please write more, knowing that i will follow your story till you dont write.

8/17/2010 c2 11HiddenFromYou
You have a good hook at the beginning, with your opening sentence. My first thought was that you were dying (sorry :P) but that was quickly overwritten. I don't like the "On loop", however. I think you should cut that out, as it slows down the flow of the story, just when you should be speeding it up.

"In 2011 I could either be learning the intricacies of the human body and how to save lives; studying about new scientific discoveries; read about politics that have govrned our world for centuries or delve into the world of literature." - I really think you should cut out the semi-colons and put in some commas. Having one or two semi-colons are fine, but this many all at once is incredibly distracting.

I could relate quite heavily to this piece. The way you described the pressuring of your family and the need to express yourself can be both unique to you and similar to all, and I really liked that.

The ending was very strong. Most times, ending on questions is bad, because those questions just make the story fade out. But the questions you put made me think.
8/17/2010 c2 10Katerzzz
Okay, before I start, I can totally relate to you, struggling to decide what I'm gonna do with my future is almost as daily for me as having a shower. Though judging by the text, you have less time than me (I'm 16), but all in all, I really liked it, it takes a special something to post your life story out there to the world, and you've done it. For that I applaud you. If this was a normal story I would say I can't wait to see where this goes, but since this is YOUR personal, real life story, I wish you the best of luck writing the next "chapter" of your life and look forward to reading it.:)

Lots of luck and love,

Katerz :)

P.S: Can you payback by reviewing either Jack's London, or The Angel Waiting At Hell's Gate. Thanks
8/16/2010 c2 19Mandyla
First off, I can totally relate. At the start of last year, I remember asking myself essentially these same questions while recieveing similar feedback from my parents. Take advantage of this year the way you want to, even if it's not necessarily "right" in others' eyes.

Moving on, your style captured me. It felt really open and honest with a real look into what you are thinking. You ask poignant questions that have real thought behind them. It's not just psychobabble like some of these pillowbooks can be.

Lastly, the questions you ended with really tied the whole chapter together. Though it's simply stated, it brings across your true feeling about what is to come for you.

Well done. I look forward to reading more :)
8/16/2010 c2 6Aero's Twin
I like the premise of this. I like the way you started it off. Your introduction was so plain and honest, that I almost felt like I had no choice but to read the story. Your style of writing is very direct and real. A lot of times with first person narration, it's easy to make the reader feel like they're reading someone's self indulgent diary entries, rather than being spoken to. You've managed to achieve the latter, in my opinion.

I generally don't care for passages ending with a question; it seems like a cliche kind of cop out to me, but that's just my personal opinion.

As for any structural errors, I only noticed one. In your first paragraph, your tenses are inconsistent. Since you started off with learning and studying, you should also have said reading and delving. Another note on this paragraph: you should use commas instead of semicolons, given the style of the list.

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