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5/2/2014 c15 Lady Morrighan
I am in love with this story!
4/11/2013 c20 1leavesfallingup
A very well-written and enjoyable story. One question though: If Grace is a brunette, why does your cover art feature a blond?

Your plot-line was good, your villains real and not over the top, and many of your main characters were endearing. Sending the squire to Botany Bay was fitting.

thanks for sharing your considerable talent.
4/11/2013 c7 leavesfallingup
Oops, Felicity's true colors slipped past the facade for a sec. That's always a good thing before you make a commitment.
4/11/2013 c2 leavesfallingup
Rutherford is a bit of an idiot, isn't he? Then again, arrogance and stupidity often go hand-in-hand.
10/27/2012 c20 C. Aleshi
Your work reads like a published romance novel! Bravo :)
8/20/2012 c1 Guest
This is the first fictionpress story i have read and i must say it made me hopeful as to the quality of writing i might find if i look hard enough, this is really good, well done :)
7/20/2012 c20 8Jo Suzuki
It was really good; one of the best historical fictions I have read! :) Loved it! Thank you! :)
6/6/2012 c20 5Elizabeth Drake
This story was amazing! I was gripped through the whole of the story and I have learned a good few words because reading of this story. Your grammar and spelling was immaculate. This really deserves to be published.
12/7/2011 c20 6summers-end
I have to say, you're one of the best writers I've ever come across during my 7+ years on fictionpress. Your work is really remarkable. I've only read Grace's Gamble thus far and the chapters you have posted for Markham's story-but I have to say, that as an avid reader of Regency, you are certainly the best unpublished author I've ever come across. You certainly have a grasp on the history and the social customs of the time. And I love your strong female heroines (young and old) but also how easily you manage to make them still fit into their time. It's as if you know the boundaries so perfectly, you know exactly where to toe them and where to cross them.

I'm quite disappointed no one else has found your work, it deserves more praise than what you currently have. Have you considered changing the category to Romance, just out of curiosity? You're sure to do better there, I can almost guarantee it.

I'll be going through your other work. Keep writing!

11/26/2010 c1 Noelle J. Parker
m... I'm loving this! You did a great job introducing characters and giving us the conflict. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapters... can't wait to see what's going to happen. Is Grace going to find a new home and perhaps find love at her new post? Will the squire find her and ruin her life? Can't wait to see! Great job so far!

Oh and check out my story if you get a chance... I'd love to hear what you think!
11/19/2010 c20 5Brackynn
Sigh! What a lovely ending for these two lovely characters :)

I absolutely love how the last paragraph references the very first sentence of the story. Remembering Grace how she was at the start ... she's come so far and she deserves to be happy!

But where is Nicholas taking her? That's the only loose end as far as I can see that has not yet been tied up, which confuses me a little.

But overall, a very nice story. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and will definitely be checking out your future works! Well done!
11/17/2010 c20 6Curlysquirt95
*Applause!* This was FANTASTIC! I truly loved all the colorful details. Two thumbs up! :)
11/16/2010 c1 78Insanity Streak
I just finished this chapter and I cannot wait to finish reading the rest of the chapters. Your herione is admirable and very strong (which I like in a leading character) and your story both content and the style of writing reminds me of Jane Austen and pre twentieth century novels. I love it. Great first chapter. :D
11/11/2010 c19 5Brackynn
Beautiful wedding! I love how tender Nicholas is towards Grace. And I had a laugh at Lady Rutherford's "Lord Barrington and I are eloping to Africa where we shall live in a hut for the rest of our days," and Nicholas' reaction :)

I'm intrigued as to what Nicholas' surprise is for Grace ... where could he be taking her that would keep them occupied for over six months?
11/11/2010 c19 6Curlysquirt95
Wow, amazing! I love the details you add, I'm glad for Grace and Nicholas! :)
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