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for Enemy's Revenge

2/2/2011 c3 2The Weatherwitch
i'm intrigued...update soon!
9/7/2010 c3 1xNight
I like it, I like it a lot! Only, at one or two places you made sudden change in times - talking in present and then suddenly in future, or something like that.

And I feel like asking the exact same thing as Jake: Who is that? XD

Well yeah. Love the sudden endings. Keep updating. :)
9/6/2010 c3 AbbeyXD
sounds interesting! update soon!
8/21/2010 c1 3Kiki Gardens
Give yourself more credit, you're pretty dang good! (:
8/21/2010 c1 211cina24
Pretty good(:
8/21/2010 c1 1xNight
Wow.. Sounds nice.

The summary is pretty interesting... And so is the first chapter. Although, sounds like a tragedy is about to happen... :l

About the title. Enemy's Revenge would do, but not for the first chapter alone... Maybe if You'd put ch. 1 and ch. 2 (the part where the enemy takes revenge is in the 2nd chapter, right?) together, then maybe You could name it Enemy's Revenge. Not the 1st chapter though, and defenetly not the whole story, that wouldn't suite the genre romance!

I'll tell You this - if You haven't thought of the story's plot yet, then leave deciding the main title to later. If You have, making up a title shouldn't be too hard. :)

My guess for the main title would be... A Bond Between Two Levels, or, A Bond Between the Different. xD

I know, I know, I'm not good at making up titles. xD I just thought that the summary has it that the rich guy falls for the gang girl and everything...

Well, anyway, I like the story, so keep up the good work! :D

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