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for Broken Clocks

11/5/2012 c1 Holly
Did you abandon this story? I really liked it! :(
1/14/2011 c5 DarkRedRose
Can you please update as soon as possible I really wish you could continue with this story.
1/10/2011 c5 Dove eyes
So I'm late coming to this story, but I think you should definitely keep writing it. The characters are engaging and easy to relate to. And as for the plot- it is thickening nicely! I can't wait to read what happens next in Tamara's life.
12/8/2010 c5 Alixermixer
this story is soo good and you have to keep writing to find out what is wrong with all of them
12/3/2010 c1 meow meow meow opiuytdrxfcghjb

i am in love with this story, it's so real and i love myles' attitude ; ) oh and the name.

i fell like shouting at the screen for maddox to just man up and tell tamara -_-

gosh, the last line in chapter 4 :'(

so sad and powerful "The pouring rain washed any trace of me on his lips away…"

makes my heart sink, Tamara really needs to get her prioties straight with who she likes. . . . otherwise i will glady take her place!
12/3/2010 c5 LeeAnn
Wow i love this story, so hurry up and write more, okayy? :)
11/29/2010 c5 Shereads48
I am totally into theis story. I hope you update soon. This is so good.
11/18/2010 c5 4PadlockLOL
i hope ur up dating soon im really enjoying this wats gonna happen wiv Alex r they just gonna 4get bout the kiss or even play it off like it never even happened. r u they still gonna remain friends ? nd what does he mean by 'it's a long story' do all of them like her, even the other 1 who says she's gonna bring trouble in the group? i think i quite like Alex.

i think sum1 should mention the kiss he's taking her home even when hes in her house nd is bout 2 leave XD that be so good. i really cnt wait 4 more updates so plz update soon XD
11/15/2010 c5 1Pippa892
This story is really getting interesting. I like how you miss out the 'filler' sections, like Tamara getting ready. it really helps the whole thing to flow more easily. have you got a favourite in the band 'cos so far Alex seems to be. It would be nice if we could maybe see a little more of the interaction between the guys without Tamara there, a bit of back story or something but other than that i think it's a top class effort - mind trying to update once a month or something as i would love to see how this progresses. (no pressure) :-)
11/8/2010 c5 Lustful Muse
The guys are hot but the girl is just too timid (in my opinion). It's frustrating to read but I want to continue with this story because I'm interested in finding out what happens next.
10/24/2010 c5 CoryD
Enjoying the story - update soon!
10/4/2010 c5 Kel
Oh noes! Not a cliffhanger! Haha, anyway, I'm really enjoying this story so far. It's really fun, and I really like all your characters (except the bimbo with the heels, of course). I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one!
10/1/2010 c5 Lucy Freebird
Like the story so well. And so far I think I like Alex better than the rest of them. Update soon.
9/22/2010 c4 DarkRedRose
LOL keep writing this is getting hot.
9/15/2010 c4 Chrisi
I like this story a lot...keep writing...kind of predictable but maybe it's not. All in all I like it.
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