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for Phone Calls

8/25/2011 c1 3TheClosetWriter16
VERY cute :D

This would make a great chapter story!
12/6/2010 c1 2EchoedShadows
Aw! I always get creeper calls in fake accents... Why are the good ones only common in fiction?
10/19/2010 c1 Ellie
This happened to me too. Well the first 2 calls did but i was just weirded out! That guy was not like Shawn lol.
9/11/2010 c1 17TaylorNamen

Too cute.
9/2/2010 c1 Holly Jay Platt
I have to admit - I love this story =)

You should take this down and fill it out, make it longer than just the oneshot... If you don't particularly feel the need to "fill it out," could I? (As long as I gave you credit for the plot, of course.)


Holly J.Platt
9/1/2010 c1 2shanaenae123
aw! such a cute story! you should continue this ...
8/29/2010 c1 11abbigail marie
8/29/2010 c1 7Ali-Kernschatten
That was really cute, I liked it, and it made me smile. :)
8/29/2010 c1 Fay
At first, whenn I saw the titel, I was expecting a horror/ perhaps romance/thriller kinda of story.But, oh, how happy I am to be provened wrong. I absoloutley loved this story! And even the word "loved" is not enough to describe the little sparks of joy I resived in my chest and stomach! It's one of those stories that gets to you (epscially us girls) and gets you longing for guys like Shawn. Oh my rabi, I can't stop grinning like a fool. Her kommer smerten (Victor Baxter):D Jeg har lyst å si så mye mer, men har ikke annelse:P Keep it up, imprint
8/29/2010 c1 3gnominator
Naw! I really loved this story i thought it was so sweet! :D funnily enough i had a simlar "what if?" when a wrong dialer called me :P xx
8/29/2010 c1 6MFR25
Hey, really great story you have there. :) it's like you're telling my story except it's facebook, not phones. Haha. :)
8/28/2010 c1 3Kiki Gardens
Aw how cute!
8/28/2010 c1 All Stories Removed
im obsessed with this haha

8/28/2010 c1 4Eclair Blank
it was adorable i loved it but u made a few spelling errors. besodes that i loved it

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