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9/22/2018 c5 Mukta Gadgil
I want this story to continue. It's filled with suspense and thrill
5/27/2018 c5 bow ties
I am so interested in reading the rest of this story! Please continue writing, I am pleasantly intrigued.
11/25/2010 c2 136Elliptical Shapes
You've a lovely style Maranwe, everything flows so well. I must say this genre isn't really my style, but that is unimportant. You've a lot of talent.

11/25/2010 c1 Elliptical Shapes
Hi Maranwe,

Great opening chapter, it resonates well as it lets you get a brief feel of the story ahead. I guess if it were mine i'd be babbling on about the surroundings more, but a writer should write in their own way and you do a good job.

I've been off fp for a while, but i'm hoping to get back in to it. I'll continue reading this one, has a good feel to it :)

10/19/2010 c5 KATE-tastrophe
Oh, the suspense! You, can seriously write well. Even how the story is told is in tune with the story itself. Your talent amazes me, Mara. :) I cannot wait for the twists to be unveiled and the true nature of the characters to be exposed. Yes, Victoria, have your doubts! That Sir James maybe delicious and mysterious, but DONOT BE FOOLED!

Okay, I think I'm alright now. Please send Victoria my well-wishes.

xo Kate
10/16/2010 c5 alicenaoi

Please write more. Sir James sounds so hot and mysterious. *drools*
10/15/2010 c5 2renegade01
so all is not as it seems... save yourself vicky! hehe. we have to watch james, no doubt he's up to something. love it so far. ;)
10/14/2010 c5 25Oboe.Chica
Yay! I love this story! I've always wondered who the other man would be (I thought it couldn't possibly be the poor soul who so viciously got turned down at the beginning). The intrigue! In any case - thanks for the update!
10/14/2010 c5 1walkonair
Ha! I think you've miss-named Eudora. According to Babynames . com, Eudora means 'Excellent Gift'.

(I maybe got a little distracted once I was Babynames. That site is too cool.)

Oh, and then I got distracted because I wanted to know what 'whist' was. I'd heard of it, but... I didn't know how it was/is played. It's actually kind of a fun-sounding game.

I'm very anxious to hear about Sir James' reaction to Hugh's words: Did he hear them, and, if he did, will he point them out to Victoria?

I think I've said this before, but your dialogue and vocabulary are both so nice and late 1800s-ish. Kudos to you for being so historically accurate.

I'm sorry about this random nature of this review. I blame it on my brain, which is currently the consistency of oatmeal. Like, I just tried to spell oatmeal 'otemeal'.

Bye-bye. :D
10/14/2010 c5 10Jerusalem2045
Ah, the plot thickens! As before, excellent writing. I'm completely drawn in
10/14/2010 c5 Natsuki33
At last! I have been waiting for this chapter for a long time, and you did not disappoint me at all. In fact, this story makes me think and wonder, what could happen? What mysteries are there? I so cannot wait for the twists and plots to be unfolded brilliantly by you! And I love all of the main characters. They're so charming in their own way. Cannot wait for more.
10/14/2010 c5 1JustWords
Man! As always, a thriller leaving you hanging for more :D can't wait to read more! A warm brownie if there's more.. xD :P or whatever warm dessert kind of food you like, I just want to read more of the story :P

This is SUCH an awesome story, I find the main characters so unique and intriguing, its refreshing from the repetitive stories circling around.. Keep it up!
10/13/2010 c5 3Angelica.Eddings
I wish I had discovered this story earlier. I read the first five chapters in one sitting, and now I`m addicted. It makes me happy when I see other historical romances on fictionpress.

I can`t wait for the next chapter.
10/12/2010 c4 10Jerusalem2045
I am enjoying your story so far, your characters are very well developed. Look forward to the next chapter!
10/3/2010 c4 Sunnyboy02
I like it :) The whole story line is intriguing and I can't wait for more. I hope you update soon!
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