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12/20/2018 c16 Guest
please update that sexy voice story
6/18/2018 c16 Guest
Please keep writing this story
12/13/2017 c16 Emily
I absolutely love your stories they are so addicting to read.
11/23/2016 c16 guest
Nikki needs to get over herself. She is a fat ass skinny bashing animal whore. I am so done with her drama.
10/19/2016 c13 joanna
Miles mom reaction is very natural. If my child was ripped apart by a shifter animal i would have thrown nikki out of my life too. My child comes first not the supernatural shit nikki got herself involved with and don't care about her feelings too. Being torn apart by a jealous animal is not funny.
8/19/2016 c4 Shiina
I'm starting to feel seriously offended as someone who's pretty thin. Nicki keeps bashing skinny people, it's annoying. And seriously, she's got no backbone, she's freaking dramatic, as well as a crybaby. I have no respect for her. I'm done.
8/19/2016 c3 Shiina
Aaah... An other doormat as the protag. Also, I don't like Miles.
8/5/2015 c16 Guest
Wicked! Is there another chapter for this story?
8/4/2015 c16 Guest
Cool! Is there another chapter for this story?
3/15/2015 c16 2minor5chord
I like this so far! I won't tell you you need a beta; obviously many other people have already said that. If you really don't want to get one, my advice is to wait a day after you've finished writing a chapter. Save it, close it completely, and don't look at it for 24 hours. THEN go back and re-read it to yourself (out loud works best for me). That way you are less likely to skip over words and phrases. Reading it out loud also forces you to go through it slower, and prevents you from glossing over things that might need to be fixed.
I hope that Nicki gets a little more of a backbone as the story progresses-otherwise I feel like Tye is going to end up walking all over her! I am glad that they've finally initiated some adult-type touching though! I'm also interested in hearing more about the universe they live in-as well as both Nicki and Tye's pasts.
I hope you continue to update!
11/29/2014 c16 Guest
Awesome story, thanks for sharing
10/9/2014 c2 1Grappla
Usually F/M stories bore me to tears and I just don’t read them, but you have hit my every guilty pleasure I look for when I’m hunting down something to read. You have going a good use of supernatural creatures, which I’m hoping the variety of creatures will increase and I’m really liking Nicole so far. Spelling mistakes throughout, but I’m the kind of reader that can ignore them in the name of a good story/plot, anyway first/second chapter this fic feels like it has potential and I’m excited to read more, got this on watch and hoping it’ll be updated soon, keep up the good work, I’m off to read more.
7/22/2014 c16 vampire26
I love your characters and the plot! This is so fascinating and I just love this story. :)
4/29/2014 c16 Guest
Truly imaginative story and believable

I like how thought out it is, with the different species and even types in each species. Good job :)
4/24/2014 c16 9Lerene
From the Author:

So sorry about the LONG wait. Chapter 15 sucks. I wrote about 300 words and then couldn't figure how to write more. So rewrote it and didn't get much more but I did make it sound better than it did at first. Hopefully this stubborn chapter stops misbehaving soon. But I am still working on it! I been writing stuff for future chapters and also making notes about book two.
. . .
Until the next chapter enjoy this little excerpt and feel free to guess whoses talking:

"What happened in here?"
"I'm trying to be Fun Fu."
"Feng Shui?"
"That too."
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