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7/18/2011 c1 RR0renegade
yay gunplay it makes it sound more interesting
5/31/2011 c5 x-EliteAssassin-x
Asher seems so cute, though I am surprised he didn't just find Harley's job an even sexier version of a spy. I'm guessing Asher's either been kidnapped by this biowarfare CEO guy or Powell has taken matters into his own hands to keep the goverment's action secret.

Really hope to see more of this soon!


3/19/2011 c5 LivinLyfe2TheFullest
no asher please be okay :'( :'( :'(

oh and please update soon! :D
2/18/2011 c1 Purple Azalia
I absolutely love the plot, but Asher... he just seems to lack personality. A lot. I hope we get to see more in depth what he's like in the next chapters.
2/9/2011 c5 54big.break.and.laryngitis

JGL went to Columbia~

(Why do I know that, I'm such a stalker. Whatever.)

THEY ARE SO CUTE THO. It's like Brian and Justin, except completely not except sort of though. Ungh.

You are getting so dirty with your descriptions, girlie. I was like, WHOA, DID SHE JUST WRITE FINGER AND NOT EVEN FLINCH? Lol, yah. So that's cool.

Anyways, not to be rude but you're right, I honestly am super excited and CANNOT wait for some ACTUAL information on what's going the fuck on here. Oh, shit, indeed. I am on the edge of my motherfucking seat here. So yah~

Update soon STOP Awaiting more STOP Super excited STOP Thank you END


(I just sent you a telegram. Bitches love telegrams.)
2/7/2011 c5 2toinfinity
Okay. I am going to be very bothered until the next chapter comes out, and I dont know when that'll be D:

But I forgive you for being so terrible and leaving us all with that cliffhanger.

And Im guessing Asher is in in trouble. Deffinitely.

D: But I wuv him!

Oh, and I just realized that in my previous reviews I kept writing Harvey. Its Harley, I know! Oops, sorry ^.^ I dont know why I wrote that. I just kinda think it automatically.

Anyway, uhhm, I liked this chapter. The flashback in the beginning. I liked how Asher wouldnt put out for Harley at first and he was shocked. : D I was all, "Hahaha! Big ego be gone!" XD...erm, yeah...

Well fingers crossed for another update :D
2/6/2011 c5 Khalerx
oh my god. you must update. gah.
2/6/2011 c5 2Keona Raynalise
OMG. OMG NO. Why is there no more! WHO IS THIS PERSON. WHAT IS GOING ON. My heart was pounding at the end of this chapter! I am in love with this story now! I absolutely love both Asher and Harley! Not to mention that I have a gun kink too! ;D So I cant wait till the next chapter of this story! I hope it gets posted soon! You left me on a cliff hanger!
2/6/2011 c5 1jag finns inte
2/6/2011 c5 Artemis Rampant

(Just kidding, I love you. And the flashback was cute. But seriously.)
2/6/2011 c5 7Midnightamant
Aw! Why the cliffie, why? But really, your stories are all great, the characters and the story lines are unique and well written, and I hope you update again soon to relieve us all of the suspense! hehe ^_^

If you have time I'd really appreciate if you could read my story "A Date Gone to Hell" On my profile and let me know what you think.

Keep Writing!

Midnight Amant
2/6/2011 c5 23firestar267
Pretty face but the chase ain't worth the prize, I'm gonna break your little heart...

Sorry. But that line in here triggered the song and I was singing it all the way through.

Anyway, I really want to be all 'BAHH I HATE YOU I WANT MORE' but I really enjoyed the chapter :) It was a great insight into how they were before they met and it was nice reading it with the hindsight they'd be engaged in the future.

Plus, I was totally right about Asher being kidnapped.

(If he wasn't I will look totally stupid next chapter but oh well)

I'm a sucker for the whole action/adventure things :D

So well written as usual.

P.S. I sound like a stalker but your tumblr is effing hilarious.
2/6/2011 c5 tell it to the sky
ASHER! no he can't be kidnapped i love him to much! Harley will save him.

can't wait till the next bit!
1/31/2011 c4 Reese
Sweet baby Jesus. Kidnapped? My money's on kidnapped. And this chapter was really lovely and fun and pleasant to read and all manner of other nice things.

Update soon? Please?
1/23/2011 c4 olivovova
No no no, the next chapter has to answer where the hell is he! Ooh I want to read more sosoo much hah :D I really liked tis chapter although I found it a wee bit short... But thanks anyways :)
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