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10/7/2012 c30 missyb1988
I enjoyed this thought it was good and written well you've a good talent but I do think your story I'm special bitch was a lot better I loved that but all the characters are great :)
9/1/2012 c30 2Matty Moo
Awesome story. Thanks for writing it. I loved it! :D
1/10/2012 c1 2prado19
loved it... but i wish it was more humorous like I am special, bitch.. anyways pls complete your other stories...
1/9/2012 c30 Mandyg
This was one of the best stories i have read along with the story of Jayden & Chyna, in a long time.

Thank you.

Now finish your other stories please, looking forward to reading it.
9/27/2011 c30 86Nancy Mae
OMG! I absolutely loved this story! I knew I would finish it tonight and I was right! This was an amazing story and I loved it every step of the way. I will definitely check out some of your other work.

9/27/2011 c29 Nancy Mae
Yay! I'm so excited for them!

9/27/2011 c28 Nancy Mae
I hope he forgives her. She was mad. We all-especially women, well women like me-say stuff they don't mean when they are angry. We don't really mean it, we just say it becasue we know it hurts.

9/27/2011 c27 Nancy Mae
Uh oh. I didn't imagine it like that. Please tell me he doesn't hate her now.

9/27/2011 c26 Nancy Mae
I bet the Sam that doesn't remember everything loves her already. That's exciting! And congrats on your highest scores! I get too nervous on tests to do that well on them, though I just received an 87% on my math test! Great chapter! I think I am most definitely going to finish it tonight!

9/27/2011 c25 Nancy Mae
I can't believe they lied to him about the celibacy vow. Poor Sam. I feel like I've been saying that a lot with this story. That's okay though. I'm really attacthed to him for sure though. That would be why I was crying when I thought he died. It's pathetic I know, but I don't give a damn! Great job as always!

9/27/2011 c24 Nancy Mae
Yes! I knew he would show up after he called her and I knew he would kiss her just like he did that last time! YAY! I am so ecited right now! Awe, the Notebook! I've seen that movie like a hundred times and I still cry every time! My mom thinks I'm a nutcase for watching it so much! ha ha. Great chapter!

9/27/2011 c23 Nancy Mae
He's starting to remember! It's just little snippets but he's reembering! Drea should just tell him! It's got to be killing her!

9/27/2011 c22 Nancy Mae
OOH! Is he going to remember her? She has to say something that triggers his memory! She just has to!

9/27/2011 c21 Nancy Mae
He doesn't remember her! He has to remember her! She can't just walk out of his life like that! She loves him! Why doesn't she fight for him?

9/27/2011 c20 Nancy Mae
Oh jeez. That did it. I'm sitting in my kitchen balling my eyes out right now. He can't lose his memory! What about Drea! This sucks. I've decided you deserve to be on my favorite authors list. You made me cry, you did your job. :-)

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