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1/8/2011 c3 4Diva In The House
Alas, poor Dominic. When will he just get over himself?

This is interesting so far. I like the second person perspective, and the story's moving at a good pace. Looking forward to more soon.
1/8/2011 c3 leah
This story rules! I'm addicted! MORE, MORE, MORE!
12/23/2010 c2 Idonothaveanaccountbutwow
ok girl. I adore you. Simply captivating. I find it very difficult to actually care about unknown to me characters, but your style is intense and your story was a fantastic way to spend my night. Very very nice character development, I envy you. In a good way :) The ending reminded me of many moments I would like to have forgotten already, but the thing is that real-life stories sometimes end that way. The thing you gotta do. Great. Perfect. LOved it. Depressed again. thanx for that :P
11/14/2010 c2 25Esquirella
I like it so far!
11/13/2010 c2 punpun
omfg. i REALLY love this.
11/13/2010 c1 punpun
I love this already.
9/28/2010 c1 K-pop addict
Must.Update. The plot is so intriguing and the characters are so real! And God, the last phrase simply rocks! And, and your writing style... I'm lost for words here, I really am! Only one chapter and yet it's already this addictive! Keep up the good work, chica!:)
9/25/2010 c1 leah
Ok,I'm really lost for words! this story is AWESOME! I'm already in love with it! Your writing style is simply perfect, the plot is so freakin' amazing and things are sure to get even more interesting. I really can't wait to see what happens next! I also like Bastien very much. He gets beaten so badly and yet he doesn't say anything about it for his girlfriend's sake. Please right more really, really soon! I'm already getting impatient here!;)
9/11/2010 c1 Anonymiss
Oh my goodness! A new story and it looks exciting! In more ways than one, perv that I am. I love your style, it's so angsty without any overdone "and then the reader finds out that I was sexually abused...by my dad...as well as bullied at school...and I'm anorexic..." etc. Which gets old. Just looking at the last sentence makes me squee at your very stylish writing!

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