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for Forever Young

7/18/2011 c1 RitzD
Awesome story please keep on writing and updating!
7/16/2011 c3 RitzD
This is a really nice story I like it alot please update soon!
7/14/2011 c3 VampireSarah
Great chapter :) I like Niker :)
12/9/2010 c2 1Riki-Biki
he's a total player... but i like him! anyways its written really well, a few mistakes here and there but its well written! i hope she doesn't get drunk, that would be wierd! lol it was good!
9/12/2010 c1 Riki-Biki
wow, good start, but i barely under stood it was a girl. now i do it took a while...

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