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for You Mean Hell Isn't Far Enough?

11/10/2011 c13 3Brightheart
rly good story.
8/15/2011 c13 1emerald dreams
Oh i love it. Great job on the story! Sad that it has ended. I hope you plan on writing some more stories. I cannot wait to read them.
8/15/2011 c10 24lydsyko
I wasn't expecting that.
8/15/2011 c13 mihaela
A realy good story, what about a sequel?
8/15/2011 c7 lydsyko
I thought she was wearing a dress, so he could't have been about to pull a shirt off of her.
8/15/2011 c3 lydsyko
If my name was Britney I'd be super offended, but it's isn't so I'm not. You are going to have to do some grammatical editing the next time you go through. Im liking the story so far.
7/18/2011 c12 1emerald dreams
Awwww Yay! for a minute there i thought she was going to go back to James. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But she didn't, Yay! I am so glad it is her and Daegal now. Great job on the chapter! Is this the final chapter or will there be an Epilogue? either way you did an amazing job on this story! I love it!
7/17/2011 c12 Scribe of Stories
One word that might get me removed from your friend list...


Anyways, I wish this story wasn't very short.

Black&White= POKEMON

I love Pokemon

And now that I'm logged in...time to review the other chapters...
6/19/2011 c11 emerald dreams
OH MY GOSH! That was an amazing chapter. Very well done! Please update soon!
6/19/2011 c11 2The Weatherwitch


update soon!
5/23/2011 c10 Scribe of Stories
A bagel dissed you. Funniest saying I've heard today.

I just knew Kee-Gee was gonna like Phee. I mean, who wouldn't?

This Robert person causes ominous music to start in my head. The name Sharon fits the mother, for some reason. Sharon is a good name for a unloyal mother.
10/17/2010 c6 banana jump
hi:) umm this is probably a very stupid question, do thay go to a bording school? ya thanks:)
10/13/2010 c5 vvvv1123
:] no prob! this is really good writing...i love your style! so, keegan's bi? :p and, keep posting...can't wait to hear moree!
10/13/2010 c5 Berriee


so far I'm loving ths story

10/3/2010 c4 twilight24
qhoa, her listof guys just keeps on getting longer and longer
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