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for What is my future?

9/24/2010 c1 7110Million
I was once taught by a very masterful man, that it is selfish to ask about the future. Thing is, the future does not really exist, it is merely an illusion we create via a combination of our hopes and the naive and dangerous assumption that we will live to see tomorrow.

I was once taught that 'life' istelf is but an illusion. We don't really 'exist' unless we become aware that we exist. We are 'aware' that we exist, but at the same time, we take it for granted. I exist, this sentence should carry much more weight than it really does.

What we really are is just walking, talking, thinking recycled stardust. Every atom in our body existed previously, and once we 'die', they go off on their own, continuing to exist, as if nothing ever happened. Ha ha ha, what a joke, right? Twenty years from now, none of what I do today might matter. One hundred years from now, I might probably no longer exist as so much as a memory. A billion years from now, none of the creatures that live in this planet will exist. Everything we spent our lives on, every little thing we held dear, will no longer even exist.

The secret to life, I have been told, is passion. Do what you love, and no day will be wasted. Be happy, and the future will no longer be uncertain. But also, the secret to a good life is remembering your fellow man. There are some things a man ought to remember, that friends and family mean everything, that moeny and power mean nothing. That it's inexcusable to pretend to not see the people that need help. That crossing your arms when someone asks for a hand is the worst thing you can ever do.

Oh my, I seem to have gotten philosophical. Ha ha ha, don't mind me and my ramblings.

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