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for The Bet (Older version)

1/22/2015 c3 cgffytjfydydtd
It's really fairytale-like. I like it. However, it would be great to see more of the characters' inner thoughts because the flow seems to be too fast paced. In a story, the psycho is as much interessing as the action.
3/25/2013 c31 Teo102
What ?! No don't delete it ! It is AMAZING and I loved every bit of it as I am sure I will love every bit of the rewrite (if she ends up with Anthony again and maybe they have Theodore) Oh may I add that I love your stories and writing style :) :D
3/25/2013 c27 Teo102
Oh I am so happy that Maria choose Anthony and I hope she choses him in the new version too because they deserve to be together :D :)
3/25/2013 c15 Teo102
I like the idea of Theodore being Jonathan's son because Antony should be with Maria and I can not belive that Jonathan has shoot someone... Anyway can't wait for the next chapter.
3/25/2013 c13 Teo102
Of course you end a chapter with a cliffhanger :D
3/25/2013 c12 Teo102
I just lov ethis story ::D but I'm curious of Jonathan's past and Anthony should be with Maria
3/25/2013 c11 Teo102
such a sweet chapter and I love it how Anthony is so nice with her :) :D
3/25/2013 c10 Teo102
'Maria, I only speak the truth.' I use that phrase a lot too :D :D as for the thing they arre speaking of I think Jonathan wants Cian to make Maria marry him :D :D tough I would preffer her with Anthony :)
3/25/2013 c9 Teo102
hmmmmmm I don't know what to say about this chap Jonathan was funny but I still like the idea of Marie being with Anthony :D :)
3/25/2013 c8 Teo102
well kinda cliffhanger i can't wait to read the next chapter
3/25/2013 c7 Teo102
I don't like thhe idea of Maria being with Jonathan, Anthony is just purfect for her :D
3/25/2013 c6 Teo102
:)) liked the end :D
3/25/2013 c5 Teo102
AWEEEE soo sweet I likeit how MAria gets used to them :D and I like the idea of the be :D
3/25/2013 c4 Teo102
WoW i hope that Maria loses the bet. it would be so cute :D :)
3/25/2013 c3 Teo102
I like how Clara and Jacob are so kind and ... kind. but i hope that she gets her necklace back :D :)
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