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1/22/2011 c29 30Fate Rose
I did enjoy this chapter. Was not all that surprised by your twist. I can't wait for the next chapter and the one after...and the last one. Actually, I will just be super happy every time you update.

XD Peyton is definitely related to Eros. XD That was such an Eros thing to do. XDD

Anyway, you should update. Like today. :)
1/22/2011 c29 Ribena
HOLY CUPCAKES.. He's their SON! Maybe its because I'm not the brightest bulb, but I definately did not expect that. So kudos for being unpredictable :) the rawness and power when Vee proclaims her love is fantastic!
1/22/2011 c29 pbgurl
HE DOES LOVE HER, YES! ^_^ *dances*

And she said it too!

I was surprised though when Peyton said it was all planned, every detail. And that even Athena was a part of it.

-Liz :D
1/22/2011 c29 WHoa
that. blew. my. mind.
1/22/2011 c29 Hmmm
Yay! I was right about Logan (and Evelyn) being Nate and Peyton's kid(s). XD I didn't guess that Athena knew about the whole scheme though. O.o Avena is so slow. lol It's kind of ironic, with her mother being the goddess of wisdom and all. And Avena finally admits to loving Logan.~ Awesome chapter. ^^
1/22/2011 c29 2I Will Not Die I Will Survive
im suprised! i though peytons kids were still gunna little not grown up! cant wait for the update XD
1/22/2011 c29 1tina36
I am back (wow you are really fast on updating...)! YOu know how I said I loved the last chapter? Well I loved this one more! YOu are good, I was just as clueless as Vee and wow alot of problems took place in this story and now it is ready to wrap up, I am so sad now! Now they will live happy ever after for eternity, aww so cute well I enjoyed this story it was something new. Who would've thought god's could be wrapped up in the middle of a love crisis! Also in the begging of your story when vee was at her first day of colloege she said her name was Avea (nickname poris told her to make) and then around chapter 15 they start saying her real name, which confused me because poris told her to make up a nick name to blend in unless he registered her with her real name. Any way it was fun and Im still sad that this story is going to end (i will deal) so until the next chapter!
1/22/2011 c29 longjohns
i kinda saw it. but not the details. can't wait for more!
1/22/2011 c28 tina36
Oh I loved this chapter even though logan wasn't in it! Im not that dissapointed about jason cause Im a logan fan and now im just ready for them to get together, please write more! Oh and there are still some chapters i havent reviewed on *wink, wink* so be prepared in a bombardment of annoying reviews until you post your next chapter! Um I dont have any questions for this chapter so i guess this is goodbye...for now...you never know...
1/22/2011 c29 5Katielove
ah He isaid he was in love with her. She said she was in love with Logan aw so cute1
1/22/2011 c29 sootyxsnowpetal
I did find that a surprise, but at the same time it was pretty hilarious. I mean, it seemed so bizarre that it was funny, how everything turned into the filial relationship thing. I mean, that was almost like pulling a Star Wars "I am your father!" sort of thing.

The whole emotional aspect of their relationship is so confusing, though. Vee was talking about how love seemed too strong and all of a sudden she proclaims she's in love. That seemed a bit fast, even if their relationship IS fated.

Oh well, I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks for this update!
1/22/2011 c27 1tina36
uh oh...
1/22/2011 c26 tina36
Ugh what is wrong with logan! He thinks he can go and kiss vee (I of course was very happy with that) and then he just wants to break up with her! Gosh he is so clueless, he loves her so why does he not see that! I wonder what will happen now, probably something to do with cassandra, only 2 more chpters to go...
1/22/2011 c28 3Brightheart
i love this story with all my heart.

u really need to continue it.

logan and avena belong with each other.
1/22/2011 c25 1tina36
Man who new new's reporters could be such stalkers (Vee is in an iffy position, shes got everyone watching overher) and so cant wait to see if logan kiisses her!
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