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for Athena's Enigma

9/28/2011 c24 Paperpen
9/17/2011 c33 4Garneau

Thanks for posting this up here. I would Not have known about this third story, so in glad you did.

I look forward o reading it,

9/15/2011 c33 Angeli
Hey! I'm back again. I've just finished reading Athena's enigma, and I want you to know that you've done a great job.

Personally, I like Peyton's story better, but I'm not saying that this story isn't good, 'cause it is.

Do I really need to repeat that you are a great writer? Seriously, I hope one day you publish your works. I'll be one of your fans.

I can't wait for the next one. And by the way, I already like Evie's character. I'm hooked on this story. :)

8/3/2011 c31 4Killer of MarySues
And so they continue the greek/roman god tradition of incest. Sigh
8/2/2011 c32 nicaaaaa
I am soo in love with you and your stories! Your stories are just orginal and every story that you make is so nice. I actually cried the story was so nice and all. I love it! This is definitely going to favorites :D
8/2/2011 c33 1preppychiq03
Thank you for bringing up yet another stupendous story you have her one fictionpress. Evie's story sounds interesting. upload that soon :)
7/15/2011 c33 3whackedout101
Oh my goodness gracious! I LOVE YOU! Olay I'm acting a tad but immature but your stories are just the highlight of my day. I've absolutely fallen in love with this "series" and the whole story, I found myself smiling like an idiot. You have such a gift for writing and I'm glad you have because your stories put a smile on my face after I spent a whole day crying. I say, you win. Hahaha. I'm going to look at your other stories now... Hehe.

Please keep writing and thank you so much for the read. Oh...and my new found love for Greek Mythology. (:
6/22/2011 c15 Aradia Cloud
I don't think I like Logan very much.
6/17/2011 c33 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
Have I mentioned that you are awesome? I can't wait for the new story! Hope you update soon. I always love your stories.
6/15/2011 c33 Northfacegr95
canNOT wait!
6/15/2011 c29 Northfacegr95
Oh my God! My eyes are seriously going to pop out of my skull!
6/15/2011 c28 Northfacegr95
at least she doesn't have to hide anymore
6/15/2011 c27 Northfacegr95
i freaking hate Cassandra!
6/15/2011 c26 Northfacegr95
6/15/2011 c33 4White Alchemist
Ok, I'll wait for this new story till it happens. :D ;) Good luck in "Virtual Reality". :D
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