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6/15/2011 c23 4White Alchemist
Ooooh, she shouted at Peyton.~♥
6/15/2011 c22 White Alchemist
Wait... isn't Peyton supposed to find an immortal guy for Avena?
6/15/2011 c21 White Alchemist
She has so many decisions to take. She shouldn't dig a deeper hole, though. XD
6/15/2011 c20 White Alchemist
I like Logan more than Jason.~♥ Avena choose. :D
6/15/2011 c19 White Alchemist
I hope Logan will end up loving Avena as well.
6/15/2011 c18 White Alchemist
Ouch, she has a stalker now. XD
6/15/2011 c17 White Alchemist
Ah, Peyton must have put that in her room. :)
6/15/2011 c16 White Alchemist
Yeah, Logan, owe her another date. :D
6/13/2011 c15 White Alchemist
I just hope whatever Logan said was true. Nice chapter.♥
6/13/2011 c14 White Alchemist
This is what happens when you go to fake relationship. You ended up liking the guy. But I kinda like that though, you ended up wanting something real than something so plastic. XD
6/13/2011 c13 White Alchemist
Sometimes I'm beginning to feel that Peyton is acting just like her grandfather. :D Just a feel, though.
6/13/2011 c12 White Alchemist
Oh, sorry na lang si Logan. It's so sad for him. Avena will find her own soulmate with the help of Peyton. XD
6/13/2011 c11 White Alchemist
It must be another matchmaking! :D
6/13/2011 c15 Northfacegr95
Peyton interfere! Jason's her soulmate!
6/13/2011 c13 Northfacegr95
Vee drop Logan already!
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