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for Lonely Star

2/5/2011 c1 237classic violet
Wow. Beautiful. I love it. I love all of it. Especially the last three lines. Soo gorgeous. I feel it simplifies love in a wonderful, astronomical, metaphorical way. Amazing.
1/27/2011 c1 168Wylloa
"If I could, I would climb into heaven and help you rebuild the sky"

This touches me deeply. The constant ache when they're not there, and never being able to stay mad.
10/12/2010 c1 22lipleaf
The poem is pretty short, but you managed to convey a good amount of emotions in the limited space you have. I think the simplicity and brevity is one of the best aspects of it, actually. You can feel the sadness of the speaker without it being too much. I think the first like is my favorite- "broke your stars" just sound so lovely and gives the reader a fragile image of the person the speaker is addressing. It does well to set up the mood.
10/12/2010 c1 54Goblin Coffee Shop
I don't feel like I really grasp what is happening here. Or rather, I suppose it's easy to grasp but not on a level that makes me feel connected emotionally. The first two lines feel the strongest.
10/11/2010 c1 93aprettywar
wow, i really like this. the imagery is so clear and delicate. i especially i love the lines "if i could, i would climb into heaven / and help you rebuild the sky." short and sweet. thanks for sharing!
10/11/2010 c1 5TheLovelessRose
Short but full of emotions. Very interesting. I loved it! :)

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