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7/29/2004 c1 11Sky of Water
That was a good one. You've got a real talent for making stories. I especially liked the way you explained that thrilling twist. The only way I thingk it could've been better is if it had more details. Like what the characters looked like. Just the little things. and you might have missed a few commas.
12/13/2002 c1 the emprorer
wow, that's great keep it

11/29/2002 c1 2Kasifya
Oh. My. Goodness.

That was awesome.

I never thought when the teacher said 'there is always two sides to the story' that THAT would be the other side of it.

Incredable story. Very well written. (not that i'm much of a critic)

Thank you for that story.
10/29/2002 c1 2Croaking
Colorain thanks for the feedback (though I doubt you'll ever see this). In England we do have a similar system. Trouble is the press don't tend to follow the rules. On a side note: Adam is 16.

I shudder when I re-read this. It's not my best work. As for a sequel: I never planned on doing one (except maybe as an exercise in writing) and I still don't.
1/24/2002 c1 Colorain
Oh, man . . . yeah, the guilt would be terrible, wouldn't it? And the anger.

I'm just wondering. They can release details on young criminals in England? Because in America, up until you're sixteen they really can't do that. Maybe it's different?

I think you ought to do a sequel and delve into the friendship.
5/17/2001 c1 1kalpal
great story, good details and it was really interesting.

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