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8/9/2012 c42 10Vivace.Assai
- spoiler warnings for any new reader deciding to look at the reviews -

[in which jenna is a pervert] O_O

Do I even want to know? *thinks for a minute* Oh yes, I really do! Okay, on with the chapter!

Okay. So Zeph has decided to remain confused about the whole curse story so he can remain calm about everything? What a classic Zeph thing to do… I’m surprised that I’m even surprised that he has decided to do that. But I have to agree with Zeph’s reasoning. If I found out that I was going to die because of a centuries old curse, I would try not to understand. You know what they say – ignorance is bliss. But this does say a lot about Zeph’s character. He’s one of those people who take a more “playful” outlook on life, even though he’s probably really deep and profound. You think he is dense and a complete idiot but he’s actually quite intelligent. When he notices things, he really notices them. And this part of his character is best emphasized by his comment that things would be different if he didn’t kidnap Jenna.

[Once they were old enough, they were betrothed to neighbouring countries, forced to leave home and live their lives in a foreign place.] Whoa.. wait. So if her brothers were forced to neighboring countries, who would become the ruler when her parents died? Would that be Jenna then? Because I thought she was supposed to marry into Lucan’s family. I’m just really curious about the way the Light Kingdom works in terms of succession…

Anyways, I kind of just read everything in one go without taking notes after the succession comment so… cue “kicking brain into overdrive as I try to recall everything that I wanted to say”:

But I think this look into family was quite nice. Throughout this adventure, the characters are thrown into so much chaos and hardship that it is difficult to focus on family. However, family is a part of these characters’ lives in some way, so it’s nice that we have a little bit of family reflections before the storm comes raging in. And the families say a lot about the characters. So clearly Jenna has never been close to her siblings because she’s been closer to Eidan. This shows how important Eidan is to her; her life revolves around him (partly). As for Eidan, despite having many reasons to dislike Grace, he can’t hurt her because he still loves her. He even goes to Marniolle because he (partly) wants to check on her. He is bound to his family. Grace’s views on Eidan show that she feels neglected by him; obviously there are insecurities within her that causes her to think Eidan only cares for Jenna. And as for Lucan and Lacie, clearly there are secrets between the two, but they love and care for one another. This reflects how much Lucan and Lacie need each other for support.

Jenna is DEFINITELY thinking very perverted thoughts. It was clear the moment she considered what would happen if she walked in on Lucan taking a bath. It only went wrong from there. First babies… and then… um… Right then… let’s just leave it at this: Jenna is a pervert. Good. The chapter title was very accurate.

When Grace started getting all emotional, I felt so sad for her. She must have thought that Eidan was coming to kill her! The DRAMATIC IRONY works once again. It’s just so heartbreaking since I know that Grace is going to die to break the curse but Eidan doesn’t know at all. And when he told her to live her life despite the curse, that was really one of the saddest moments ever. So yeah, I LOVE your dramatic irony, since it keeps things really intense and tragic. But I think you described Grace’s distress just beautifully – I could just imagine her at her breaking point, so it made the scene even more emotional. I feel so sad for Grace; she’s become such a sympathetic character.

And now the Queen has been murdered. *GASP* Interesting plot twist… I find it curious that it happens just as Jenna and Eidan arrive. Is this all connected? Who decided to kill the Queen? And why? How does it relate to the curse? The next few chapters will no doubt be intense! And the updates will be quick too! Yay! Hopefully I won’t be flooded with senior year duties and homework…

By the way, wouldn’t it be funny if the italics were now Lucan or one of the main characters? Somebody who seems positive and kind. Somebody who you wouldn’t imagine such negative words to come from… It would be quite sad to learn that the italics come from Jenna… because then that would signify how much the curse and the coming events will change her. But anyways, expect guesses from me for the next few coming chapters!

Great chapter!

Signing off…
8/9/2012 c42 1Writing In Ink Forever
Are the italics Gwen, Morgan or Lacie?

Nicely done. I loved this Chapter. It seems Lucan still likes Jenna, even though she's in a relationship with Eidan, or almost in a relationship with him.

Grace and Lucan would make a great couple. Hehe. Just sayin'. :P

Coincidence much that the Queen dies when Jenna and Eidan get thee? XD

8/9/2012 c41 10Vivace.Assai
*sniffles* I'm a terrible review buddy/story alerter/something or other... *sniffles* I was furiously working on an essay when this chapter was updated so it took until today for me to get to it *sniffles* So sorry... you may send all the evil villagers at me.

- spoilers alert ahead as detailed thoughts of the plot shall be mentioned -

Ah the chapter title! So it appears that Zeph isn’t the only one with bad plans – i.e.: plans that FAIL. Okay, I’ll actually start reading this chapter…

[If she broke the curse, would Lucan and Grace be affected too?] YES! YES THEY WILL JENNA! THEY WILL DIE! NO… DON’T LET THEM DIE… I LOVE THEM… But oh the dramatic irony in all of this – I really find that you raise the intensity of this story by having readers know a lot of things that characters don’t know. I mean, the curse is still mysterious to me but I definitely know a lot more than Jenna does at this moment. It seems Ethel and the “witch” are probably the people who know the most. But due to this, it really does make everything scarier. The characters are all making these certain decisions, unaware that their decisions have even greater consequences. But the readers know this so yeah – IT’S REALLY NERVE-WRACKING!

AND WHY CAN’T JENNA TRUST LUCAN? Is it because he’s so awesome and pretty and awesome that the “witch” is jealous of him? Because he’s such an awesome and pretty and awesome guy that I can’t see any reason to hate him. Maybe it’s because of the curse… because he wouldn’t betray Jenna and Eidan, right? *hopes that this is very much so*

[She would see Gwen and Morgan in twenty years, wouldn't she?] But what if Jenna dies before then? What happens then? I’m still kind of worried about the prologue okay – you wrote such an intense and mysterious prologue that I will never forget it… I will never EVER forget its implications.

I wonder what’s going to happen at the Forest of Illusions… and how this is all related to what is happening with the curse… I’m so excited. What if the Forest of Illusions is dying because Jenna and Eidan are trying to break the curse? Or what if Zeph and Mana receive important information about the curse when they arrive at said forest? Or what if the Forest is where Zeph and Mana will have to conquer their feelings for each other and their curses to find happiness? Okay – I know, I’m going a bit overboard with my predictions…

Ah – romantic tension between Caelum and Celeste. At that last part when Celeste was all sad and trying to console herself – I really wanted to hug her. She’s really trying to not be weighed down by the fact that she still loves Caelum, but this only proves how much she loves him. And Caelum – with all his gruff and mean attitude – really does care for her too. I mean, he walked into the line of fire to SAVE her. If that is not love then tell me what love is. It just shows how big this connection is – how deep this love is – and it kind of makes the events more tragic. Because the love is very pure and yet it is stained with so much death and bloodshed. It’s like their love destroys everybody around them. This is highlighted with the mention that Ophelia used to be kind and gentle but now she’s dangerous. There’s something ironic and tragic with this whole thing…

So this part has ended! Yay! Onto the next part. Three more parts and this story will end *sniffles* And what an amazing story it has been…

Thanks for the great read!

Signing off…
8/9/2012 c42 findings
8/8/2012 c25 9pulotpukyutan
Oh, and I've grown some attachment to Grace. And for some weird reason, I feel like she's going to. Lol. Actually, it's okay, if the story calls for it. But if that really happens, I will probably cry.

(Note: I haven't completely finished reading this chapter. But apparently, you can only post one review per chapter, so I just put it here.)
8/8/2012 c24 pulotpukyutan
I'm such a slow reader.

But I'm getting there, I promise. Hehe.

There are so many things I'm wondering about at this point. But since some of the things I've wondered before, during the earlier chapters, have been answered, then I'm pretty sure my present concerns will also be.

I just have a question though. I probably just missed this, but from what kingdom does Lucan (and his sister) belong to? I remembered that he lives in Marniolle which is located at the border of Light and Fire. What I don't remember though is if you mentioned from what kingdom he was.

And I still have no idea from whose voice the italicized part in the beginning of Part III belongs to. I'm guessing it is Celeste's, and she's saying them to Caelum? Maybe because the voice was preaching about not committing sins? Or it could be the other way around.


Anyway, I like Zeph. And I'm glad my hunch was right that he was Alexander! I hope he'll get out of hiding and rule Air Kingdom. And I like Mana, too. She's fierce. I don't think I'm liking Earth Kingdom. They're kinda brutal. But then, if Earth Kingdom is like that, then what more of the Dark? Shadows are feared because they're "monsters," right? (Or is it just Eidan/Caelum the monster?)

Argh. I think I'm going out of my head.

Oh, I've checked out your character drawings. They're really nice.) I've always sucked at drawing.

I will be back!
8/8/2012 c11 3CieloRayn
The italics are about the light goddess and god of darkness or whatever lol P
8/8/2012 c8 CieloRayn
I think Grace has to kill every king in every kingdom to start a war or something P. Lacie was talking about either Grace or Caelum though I get the impression that Caelum isn't as bad as everyone thinks though I could be wrong. I also think Caelum is either a demon or a fallen angel.
8/8/2012 c7 CieloRayn
Yet again another great chapter ). The plot is thickening P. There were a few minor grammatical mistakes; I can't quite remember where but you added a word at one point that shouldn't be there. Other than that awesome chapter and I'll keep on reading P.
8/8/2012 c6 CieloRayn
Lol great chapter. I like your character development, and I have come to the conclusion that Grace is a demon lol.
8/7/2012 c41 findings
Zeph is going to have a hard time believing them, but it's for the better that he will now know. Celeste's and Caelum's relationship is complicated at the very least. The romantic parts between Jenna and Eidan are very well written because it goes slow as they talk and then...kiss :)
Update soon please, don't keep everyone waiting too long!
8/7/2012 c2 2Ghost Divsion
The story is very well detailed and the world it's placed in is very traditional for medieval epics. I especially like the character of Jenna as she's very independent, which you don't usually see from most royal characters. I also like the possible romance between Eidan and Jenna, so I have some something to look forward to there. Anyway, it's really good and I hope you continue!
8/6/2012 c5 3CieloRayn
I love how the plot is starting to kick off P jenna and lucan are light and grace and eidan are darkness. There is going to be a forbidden romance! I can see it! P lol Great chapter can't wait to read more ).
8/6/2012 c4 CieloRayn
Yet again another great chapter ) I can't wait to read more since there is a lot more chapters to read so I won't have to wait P. I still love your foreshadowing in italics.
8/6/2012 c3 CieloRayn
I loved this chapter ) changing point of views makes everything more interesting P. I like your description of the girl, which makes me think if he thought the girl was beautifukl and she looked like jenna except for the hair then he thinks jenna is beautiful lol P. I love romances hehe ). Also I have speculations in this chapter the italics are foreshadowing of the red haired girl P also I think she is either a vampire or demon because both are nocturnal beings P.
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