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for ín lσvíng mєmσrч x3

11/15/2010 c1 Kale
AW! *Gives you hug* I'm so sorry! Jason sounded like a nice guy! He will always be with you, never forget that. I'll pray for Jason I promise.

May he rest in peace.
11/1/2010 c1 3EasyAccess
I'm sorry about your loss. :'(
10/31/2010 c1 no one in perticular
im so sorry for your loss
10/31/2010 c1 43losing oxygen
I'm really, really sorry. The writing is beautiful. I love it.

(I'm so sorry.)

10/31/2010 c1 194Anthony Tesla
Wow...first of all, my condolences, and second: very VERY powerful writing, I think you've caughted the emotions that anyone who has lost a loved one feels...

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