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for Of Love and Destruction

7/7/2011 c1 8CrazyCowgirl101
I love cliff hangers! Haha.So, I read your bio and found that we have a lot in common. I'm also still a teenager (woot!), but shhh, nobody knows ;) I LOVE horses (I own two) and all animals as well. Wolves have always caught my attention for some reason, I'm not really sure why. They're very . . . regal animals. They just fascinate me! For a long time I wanted to go to college to become an animal behaviorist or a biologist and study wolves at yellowstone :) But, that dream was sorta short lived. I'm thinking about vet school instead.

I really like this story so far, especially the stranger ;) I can't wait to read more, and I understand that your updates will be slow :) Hooray for long chapters :) I have just one suggestion, however. I think you should describe things a little bit more. What the inn looks like, what the "drunken bastards" look like, and Elena's mother. I have this things for detail, lol. Not sure why. Words are my friends.

I can't wait to read more :) Keep up the good work :)
11/13/2010 c3 7yurixkukai
I love it. Update soon. My favorite thing is that Elena has a strong spirit. Keep this story up.
11/8/2010 c3 4Mary Chrys
O, feisty. Lol.

I think that the second and third chapter could probably be combined into one chapter, though, because they are really short.
11/7/2010 c2 makzprintz
This is really good so far. I like it and hope you keep writing. It's an interesting view through this girl's eyes WAY back when. Keep it up :)
11/7/2010 c2 Mary Chrys
Am I your first review? (=

Well, your story seems to be pretty well-written, and you have a good grasp of the technical things: grammar and whatnot. The plot so far is intriguing. One thing you might lie at, though, is the scene between Elena and the stranger in the first scene, when she goes to his room to change the sheets. That could be lengthened a bit, to give the reader a bit of insight into Elena's character and her interaction in that kind of situation.

I like it, and can't wait to read more!

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