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for After Me Comes The Flood

2/27/2011 c6 anon
good story :)
1/11/2011 c5 25Morine
Do you just have an entire collection of amazing Shakespeare quotes? Where do you find these?

Okay, so I couldn't even write the review while reading because I was so engulfed in this chapter. These two are seriously just the most adorable things I have read. I mean, Gabriel with the bleeding and the being all like "it's not proper to see a lady naked." Aw, 1700s men.

Gyah, but this cliffhanger had ruined the cute moment for the two, hasn't it?

And you were able to write this within a month. How?
1/11/2011 c4 Morine
I don't really like Ezekiel. I don't know if you intended for the reader to not like him, but I don't. I do like his name, though.

So...Mary is a whore and Gabriel is a stalker. But that's okay. I like Gabriel, he seems cool.

Gyah, how I love these two already. They are so adorable.

Squee :)
1/11/2011 c3 Morine
Hahahaha, I love the warning at the top of the page. I warned my readers as well.

"It was Lord Bedford, I dealt with him last year."- Oh, is this code for "Mary is a whore and sleeps with everyone?" I'm just kidding, she seems like the very respectable sister.

Oh my gosh, Angeline has like five different knick names. While I like this idea and it shows how everyone kind of views her differently, it might get a little confusing at times, especially in the beginning when introducing new characters, or even later on when there are a lot of different characters in one scene.

"If he would only let me carry a dagger, protection would not be an issue"- I don't know why, but this made me giggle.

"Gloomy faced businessmen turned to stare at her frilly skirts and glowing face, and when they returned to their companions their shoulders were noticeably lifted, their countenances brighter. "- *cough* whore *cough*

Aw, it's sad that her father wouldn't have suggested her in the face of marrying Lord Bedford.

So...Mary's a whore. I have decided this. But she's a nice whore. So it's okay. I forgive her for her less than legal actions.
1/11/2011 c2 Morine
Daw, Angeline is such a pretty name :)...too bad she's sick and will probably die.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but your main characters (at least females) all seem to have nicknames in your stories. Joline...Angeline...and end in ine...hm.

Gah, I love the introduction to Angeline's life and story. The last line about dreams, ah I loved it!

Why is this story so beautiful?
1/11/2011 c1 Morine
You know, Mol- Justyn, I really envy you. I mean, I'm literally reading the first sentence of this story and I can already picture London in the 1700s. It's really amazing and a true gift as to how you can do that.

"And for Christ's sake, stand like soldiers, not milkmaids waiting for your pigs to fatten!"- Hahahahahaha, where do you come up with this kind of stuff?

Oh my, that chapter was outstanding. I was literally hanging on every word...and now I shall press the little button to see what the fate of these two characters has to hold :).
12/27/2010 c5 nephreia
awesome! it's interesting that you're doing a story on england! (royal politics is always awesome.) keep it up!

but don't forget your other stories! I've been dying to read the end of your story Time is Not Given forever! :D
11/30/2010 c4 5Brandi Heir
so exciting! i never know what's going to crop up in the next paragraph!
11/29/2010 c1 5Quinette
Marvelously written :)
11/18/2010 c1 5Brandi Heir
i actually love the writing style. the older ways and tone nd cgoice of words adds to the story
11/18/2010 c3 28x Storm x
Hi! It's my first time commenting this story, but I really like it. It's only the beginning, but I'm already quite intrigued about all that's happening. It's hard to believe you're writing this for NaNoWriMo, because it's well-written and, contrary to some other historical stories on FP, we actually 'feel' in another century. You've made the characters and the world around them feel real, that's very pleasant to read. Obviously, since it's a romance, I can't wait for the two love interests to meet "for real"... but even though you're taking your time before properly introducing them, your story is still very enjoyable. Angelina is unlike most main female characters: she is strong and intelligent, yet honourable and mature beyond her age.

Now, as my first language is French, I'll have to correct a few things about your dialogue that bothered me (Google translate is ok for basic stuff, but for stories... I know it's hard to get a good result):

"Excusez-moi, madame, pouvez m'aider? Je n'ai pas de lit ce soir, et j'aspire à me plonger entre vos coussins." Here, I'm not sure what the meaning of the last part of the sentence is supposed to mean. If he wants to share her bed, he should say "Excusez-moi, madame, pouvez-vous m'aider? Je n'ai pas de lit ce soir, serait-ce possible de partager le vôtre?" (Meaning: I don't have a bed tonight, could I share yours?)

"Oh, vous aimez ça, hein? Venez ici, petite chatte, j'ai un jouet avec lequel vous pourriez jouer." (Meaning: ... I have a toy that you could play with.)

"Déguerpis, sale porc! Cette dame ne veut pas jouer avec toi. Laisse-la tranquille maintenant, ou je devrai employer la force." (Meaning: Leave, dirty pig! This lady does not want to play with you. Leave her alone now, or I shall use force against you. (Alright, my english translation isn't very good, but you get the point.. I hope))

"Je comprends parfaitement. Vous chassez les femmes comme des lapins, en homme méprisable que vous êtes." (I understand perfectly. You hunt women like rabbits, you despicable man.)

"Fils de pute," (Same expression that you used, but we don't say "fils de salope" in French, even if the two words have the same meaning)

So yeah, except the slight annoyance I felt at seeing French so... butchered, I really liked this chapter. Since it's NaNoWriMo, I really hope I'll be able to comment another chapter soon. Good luck with your writing!
11/8/2010 c1 1Sophie Grey
i like the story so far... update soon, please!

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