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for AV: Alex

1/13/2011 c5 fireman2147
you put a bit of yourself into Alex :) it's something only a few people would see but if you know about it, then it adds a lot of affect. I want to read more :D
1/13/2011 c3 fireman2147
Jess what were you doing watching a video that was elricest? hahaha I googled it and it had pictures... scarred for life :P
1/13/2011 c2 fireman2147
so this is what you were doing when you were talking to me about that song :) that was the first song I heard by skillet :D and jeez Jess you are an amazing writer!
1/4/2011 c5 magnoliaflower
For some reason the thought of a small child being some evil entity produces fear in myslef. lol Kind of like the girls from the exorcist and interview with a vampire. Evil children just have this sort of affect I guess. Alex's attitude about being adopted is normal for children. Not knowing if they will be liked but his case is much more extreme. He cant control himself. very interesting.
11/9/2010 c1 1anna14marie
This is really good and intense. I soo wanna read more(:

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