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2/14/2004 c1 42Caitir
wow... very good. there's so much emotion in your words, so much power and feeling tied into the whole thing... wow is pretty much all i can say. very, very, very well done!
9/6/2002 c1 Woxul51
All I can say is wow. This is an amazing story. You certainly have a way with words. Everything flowed so perfectly, the thoughts, the description. Just everything. The dialogue is amazing too. You have a talent that's hard to find on this site lately. This is very good. Keep it up.

Oh, and if you happen to have the time, please read and review something of mine. I'd like to hear what you think.
10/20/2001 c1 74Yelen
Great story. You've got a real awesome way with words; I love your descriptions. Definitely one of my favourites...and Mick kind of reminds me of this friend I have, for some reason.
5/6/2001 c1 Natasha
That was ... haunting. Very evocative imagery and full-realized characters - and all that pain. Great job!
5/1/2001 c1 3Two-bit
4/30/2001 c1 Tracy
Once again, well done! I really like your style of writing. Kepp it up! I'll look forward to reading more fo your stuff.
4/29/2001 c1 Kayleigh
Very nice story. Original and very descriptive. If I had to find a fault, I'd say it's unbelievable. A twenty something year old guy w/ a lot of problems would never confess that much to a girl, not even one he loved. Guys close up when they're dealing with something, and they're incapable of showing that much emotion. Try to create believable characters and stick to them throughout the story. Don't stray off into a fantasy land where everything's about love. You started off a story about pain and confusion between two lovers, but then it developed into a story just about two lovers and their admiration for eachother even through hard times. Those two plots are completely different, and I think the first one is more appealing to readers. But that's just my opinion. Overall, I liked your word choices and your imagery. Yes, overall, I liked it very much.
4/29/2001 c1 7maybe she will
THAT was f'king excellent! Just...beautiful. I especially love the last line...My GOD. And that's all I have to say.
4/29/2001 c1 4Elene
This is such a wonderful story! The dialogue is so realistic, and the last line, "and it's gonna kill me" just says it all... and the characters, esp. Mick is just there, as if you can see them and hear them talk... I don't know what to say, very good... - Elene
11/22/2000 c1 12Lissa
whoa...intense...I like it though, how you tie the past with the present and all that. great writing! =)
11/14/2000 c1 girl poisons boy
This is good, I like it. Is that all or should I wait for the next part?
7/11/2000 c1 J'Cricket
It's awesome . . . I'm going to go read it again! Keep writing.
7/11/2000 c1 Who Else
take my advice, you should be a writer
7/9/2000 c1 Guest
I love it. Really passionate.

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