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for Taschen Geld: Bounty Hunter - Chapter One

10/5/2005 c1 11Takatome Ichido
That's actually rather interesting and really rather good; far better than a lot that is posted here. Good work, really. I'm not quite sure how you can improve this at the moment as you maintained momentum and interest the whole way. Good work. I look forward to future chapters.

- Taka
5/10/2002 c1 2Achilles
*applause* Nice.
5/8/2002 c1 38Dragon Scar
This is a cool story
2/13/2002 c1 alicha
Good there arent many bounty hunting stories i would like to see more. Yours is well written I hope to see mor chapters in the future and better idea of what the senery is like if you dont mind writing a little extra.
1/8/2002 c1 Miba
This is good. I love storys about bounty hunters.
7/16/2000 c1 9Hector Gilbert
Gee... o.O This is my kind of story! Your weakness: you need to have more fluent descriptions of the atmosphere. Otherwise, this is pure explosive action!
6/11/2000 c1 JoKeR
Cheerio ol' chap! This is some bally spiffin good stuff, I'd imagine the blighter trying to shoot the walkaways away from my characters, let's say there'd be some : cable, knife, "broken pieces of bone frament", ruptured organs, large weapon of futuristic type (or just the opposite to emmit a charge of the same good quality), and a whole lot of blood... Well, I am wondering to see how this story takes its events, I am trying to make at least 5 chapters of a story I am working on now, but, it is in olden times, and I'm hanging on a limb... hope to see more stories around.

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