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12/22/2010 c6 5ILveJcb
You did a great job.I don't think that I could have written a sad chapter like a funeral, to be honest. So, thank you!
12/22/2010 c6 CrystalGW34
Poor John. Funerals are always so sad. You wrote the chapter beautifully. I could almost feel everyones pain. The next chapter is based on David's secret, so I can't wait to read that. Anyway, looking forward to reading more. Merry Christmas. :)
12/22/2010 c6 39Raaawr Ima Dinosaur
Great chapter, it was so sad. I'm almost crying :(

It was an amazing chapter though,

amazing job. but in the A/N, it says that it's based on Davids s...what's it suposed to be?

anyway, i really enjoyed the chapter, although it was sad.

please update soon
12/21/2010 c5 5ILveJcb
I like Hermoine. She's so adorable! I just want Meg and JOhn to meet soon! Let some sparks fly!


Good job. This was a good chapter.

And you know what? The dinner scene was so chaotic and lively it seemed so real! I swear, i can almost imagine the characters really existing!
12/19/2010 c5 Kindre Turnany
Hermione is adorable. :)

I like that you've set up how each of the characters relate to their families and close friends instead of just shoving them together without much sense of who they are beforehand.
12/19/2010 c4 Kindre Turnany
I want to know what Hermione was asking about! :)
12/19/2010 c3 Kindre Turnany
Hey, it's Meg! I've been waiting for her. :)

I was confused by Ethan's call. It probably would have helped if you moved the line about him being John's best friend up to be during the phone call, leaving the rest of his description in the cafe scene.
12/19/2010 c2 Kindre Turnany
I'm not sure what a nocturnal expression would look like, so I had some trouble understanding that part.

I like John noticing a missing set of footsteps as everyone enters the house. That felt more powerfully sorrowful and indicative of the family's loss than just seeing them express their grief.
12/19/2010 c1 Kindre Turnany
I read the summary and told myself, "okay, romance story time." Then you started it off very much like a crime drama, which is awesome.

I wanted to slap Sharon Anderson when she told John right after he found out his friend had died that it would get better. Good thing he yelled at her for it. ;) That sort of thing should come later when he's had time to begin coping. Honestly.
12/17/2010 c5 CrystalGW34
The whole dinner scene was sweet. Hermione is too cute for words. It was nice of Ethan to offer his help to John. I'm glad Meg will be going to the funeral. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter. Nicely done. :)
12/16/2010 c5 39Raaawr Ima Dinosaur
I really enjoyed these chapters. The first three chapters i was in tears. they were so sad, and OMG! John is Hermoine's father!

This is an amazingg story, great job,

please update soon! :)
12/9/2010 c4 5ILveJcb
Oh, this was great! I saw barely any mistakes, but lots of people make small mistakes, right? Haha, wow. I like this. I want to know the next chapter! Is hermoine John's child?Oh, I want to know what he'll do if she is!


Keep uploading!
12/9/2010 c4 CrystalGW34
Boy that dream John had was freaky. I wish he would stop blaming himself though. It really wasn't his fault thst his partner was killed, but guilt makes people think and do crazy things. Hermione is a polite little girl. I wish my nieces were like her. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more of your story. Thanks for the update. :)
12/7/2010 c2 3RubyStar07
Hey! sorry I've not read your story for a long time - I had no internet at home and the computers at college are blocking this website.

Anyway, chapter 2 was really good and I'm really interested in the storyline. Keep up the good work.

Rubystar07 :D
12/3/2010 c3 7Novocaine for the Soul
Is John her father? If he is, I can't believe he ran away. Did he even know about her? Nice work so far.
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