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4/20/2012 c28 CrystalGW34
I hope Meg will give him another chance. Loved the chapter and I'm off to read the next one. :)
4/13/2012 c27 5ILveJcb
hey there! so sorry for not having reviewed before! I have so many assignments due in because it's the end of a semester and all my exams are around this time!

But i realised that many things are happening in the story! Really quite dramatic! So, well done!

Take care!
4/12/2012 c27 CrystalGW34
The story is getting good. I'm getting excited to see what happens next. I hope Meg and Hermione will be all right. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon. :)
4/11/2012 c27 6Curlysquirt95
I like how exciting this story is becoming. I wonder why they want to have a kidnapping? Great chapter. :)
4/9/2012 c26 CrystalGW34
Glad to see that you've updated. I enjoyed the chapter and I can't wait to read more. Please update again soon. :)
1/23/2012 c25 Pandora's Jar
It took me a few days to catch up since I left the site for so long. Glad I came back to reading when you are inspired to write - since I dread the wait for new chapters. As for the mistakes, there are just a few but they are not nearly as bad so don't stress it too much until your editor goes over to fix it.Anyways, keep up the writing! Excited to see the next chapter soon. ~PJ
1/6/2012 c25 Curlysquirt95
Good chapter! I wonder how John will react with Meg in town. Can't wait for more! :)
1/6/2012 c25 CrystalGW34
If I was him I would never touch that couch again. The dream certainly was a strange one. Anyway, glad to see that you were able to finally update. Please update again soon, but no pressure. I'm not going anywhere. Great chapter and I can't wait for more. :)
9/26/2011 c24 CrystalGW34
Sorry I didn't review sooner. I've been busy. Anyway, I'm glad Meg, Hermione and John are getting closer. I enjoyed the scene between them. It felt like they were a family. I can't wait to read more. Please update when you can. :)
9/23/2011 c24 Curlysquirt95
Geez. Why doesn't Peter like Meg? I loved how Meg dumped a pitcher of water on the waitress's head, she totally deserved it. :) I'm so happy John is spending more time with Hermione! I think he'll play the father role very well. Great chapter, and sorry it took me so long to read it. I can't wait to read more! :)
9/22/2011 c24 7Novocaine for the Soul
I enjoyed this chapter. Poor Meg, I hope she doesn't believe the things that waitress said. One thing I don't understand though is why Peter is so rude to her, unless he's jealous of her and John's relationship. Update soon.
7/20/2011 c23 ILveJcb
Sorry, I couldn't be bothered to sign in. This is a great.chapter and I love it. So many things happen in this chapter which stops it from getting boring. I like the part Herr John desires Meg. That's really sweet. Great chapter, update soon!
7/16/2011 c23 Novocaine for the Soul
Wow that person really wants John dead. I wonder what John did to him? I love that John and Hermione got to spend time together, he's going to be a great dad. Update soon.
7/14/2011 c23 6Curlysquirt95
This is definitely one of my favorite chapters. :) I like how you showed the note from the guy who wants John killed. I also love how you showed the crime scene of the teenager that was killed. You have so much action and drama and romance in this story, I love it! :) Great work, keep it up!
7/13/2011 c23 CrystalGW34
I am so thrilled that John and Meg are in each others lives again and that Hermione has a father. Enjoyed the chapter. Please update again soon. :)
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