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5/29/2011 c11 6Curlysquirt95
Sounds like John is going to stay in Sydney for a while. I wonder who Sharon's sister is? It's not Gabriella, is it? I'm glad John's mother is alright. Nice chapter! :)
5/28/2011 c21 5ILveJcb
Wow! I never thought he'd be that angry! He was so MAD! WOW. I was a little bit angry at him because he didn't even give Meg a chance to explain properly, and when she came to bail him out he wasn't even properly thankful! What a jerk! He should have been nicer and I don't know, told Meg he loved her and told her the reason why he had left in uni so that Meg could understand his actions. But he didn't!

I hope he manages to forgive her soon, though and they get together.

Don't worry, I'll wait until you update again.

This story is getting so interesting!

Keep up the good hard work!
5/28/2011 c20 ILveJcb
Oh, wow! I wonder what's gonna happen in Sydney.

And poor Nathan. I can't believe what has happened to him. I hope he will be fine!

Great chapter! Keep it up!
5/28/2011 c21 7Novocaine for the Soul
Oh wow he finally learned about Hermione. I'm a little disappointed by his reaction but at the same time I understand that he's hurt that Meg didn't tell him. I wonder what he did to end up in jail? I know you said he was covered in bruises so it was probably a fight. I hope he can eventually forgive Meg.

Can't wait for the next chapter. Good luck on your exams. :)
5/27/2011 c21 PJ Draft
Another wonderful chapter. :D My only concern is near the beginning where you use "THEN" to start off the sentences. It can get a little repetive but other than that small area, I love this chapter. :D I am happy that you updated quickly. You won't be updating till late June? I will miss your update till then. :D Anyways, thanks for this chapter. I will be looking forward to your update in June. -PJ
5/27/2011 c10 6Curlysquirt95
Oh man. This story just keeps getting better and better! :) I feel awful about Gabriella and the Twin Syndrome and everything. :( Hopefully she won't have a miscarriage or anything. But I still wonder why David decided to keep her a secret? And the whole family seemed extremely shocked to find out he had a relationship with her. Why? Did he not usually date girls, like he was busy or something? Lovely chapter as always! :)
5/27/2011 c9 Curlysquirt95
Superb flashback, I liked it. :) It definitely gave the sense of how John and Meg really care for each other. I think Meg should tell John soon of his daughter, especially if he's only going to be in Sydney for a little while longer. And I feel really stupid for asking this question, but what is a singlet? Like a tank top? Lol, in America we don't have anything called singlets. Great chapter! :)
5/27/2011 c8 Curlysquirt95
Oh man, excellent chapter. :) I feel bad for Gabriella, especially since she'll have to raise the baby on her own. (It seems both brothers have a knack for leaving their girlfriends when they're pregnant, don't they?) It still makes me wonder why she and David decided to keep their relationship a secret. What's the big deal if the family knew? Hopefully I'll find out in the next chap. :)
5/27/2011 c7 Curlysquirt95
Hmm, wonder why David kept his fiance a secret? He apparantly thought she wouldn't be approved from his family or something. About to read the next chapter, hoping they'll find some clues at David's place! :)
5/27/2011 c21 CrystalGW34
Finally John knows that Hermione is his. I can't believe he ended up in jail. Anyway, I enjoyed reading the new chapter and I can't wait for the next one. Nicely done. :)
5/26/2011 c20 PJ Draft
Thanks so much for another lovely chapter. :) -PJ
5/26/2011 c20 7Novocaine for the Soul
Wow I really hope Nathan will recover, his poor family must be so worried. Yay, John is going home. I can't wait for him to see Meg again, he seems to really love her. Update soon.
5/26/2011 c6 6Curlysquirt95
Aww. :( Sad chapter, poor John. From Ethan and Meg's conversation, it does sound like John left Meg after she got pregnant. Maybe he just didn't know she was expecting? I don't know. Hopefully I'll find out soon! Melancholy, yet great, chapter. :)
5/26/2011 c5 Curlysquirt95
Meg's family seems nice. :) Nice chapter, I wonder what's going to happen next?
5/26/2011 c4 Curlysquirt95
Hmm, I wonder who Meg and Hermione are eating with? Meg's husband? But who is he? Nice chapter, and I feel so bad for John and the guilt that eats him inside. :/ Anyways, about to read a few more chaps! :)
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