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for Conversion Book 3: 'Til Death

10/22/2011 c24 Natalie Ann

(Also it is me, Natalie Ann, but it won't let me submit another signed review haha- clearly I like your work too much)

I love this story, the whole trilogy, so much. I can't wait for you to put up an ebook of this one.

3 It's been a pleasure as always!
9/15/2011 c6 Guest
I would like to start by saying I do thoroughly enjoy your writing. You have superb detail, enjoyable characters, and a refreshing way of writing on a subject that has been completely massacred by so many people. However, one thing has been driving me crazy while reading this series: the level of emotion of all your characters. It seems like after every few sentences, Emma or any other of your characters is literally brought to near (or complete) tears over every day occurrences. It makes me dislike the characters somewhat because they are so unneccesarily emotional. They seem like strong people and yes, I know they have a deep love, but I can't stand how often they cry about everything. I was actually glad you had Starla point out how "lovey dovey" they were because it seemed like all the other characters were just oblivious to it. It's sweet that they all love each other so much, but toning it down some makes me want to love them more.
9/9/2011 c24 MrsTomlinson69
Omgg you GOTTAA make it in Julian and Nikas p.o.v. im likee dieing already imagining it x-x pleeaseee(;
7/6/2011 c12 Mai ID
"Twisting to Teren again, I murmured, "Should we put in Twilight next?"

Halina dropped her head back to the cushions. "Oh my god! What self-respecting vampire…sparkles?" "

That was the BEST part of the chapter! Made me laugh for a whole 5 minutes!
5/15/2011 c24 5christinaxxyo
This was such a series and I loved it :) I really wish you would write another story on Nika and Julian as teenagers or something. I think that would be really interesting, but I understand wanting to start something new. Anyways, I think you did an amazing job on this story and the rest of the series :D
5/4/2011 c24 3sora kinomoto
Loved this story! I'm sorry that I didn't review more often, but I've been reading it in a hard position to write, and I've been pretty obsesed with it too. Love Teren and Emma, and would love to read Nick and Julie story.

Thanks so much for the story!
4/28/2011 c23 1Mariposa-12
I just finished reading this book. I read all 3 of them non stop! I decided to post my review on this chapter because I noticed something curious that I don't know if you missed it or I missinterpreted. The kids call Halina Grammy Lina in front of Tracey (I believe) so I was surprised that she didn't find that strange haha.

Anyways, my real review, you are VERY good and VERY creative. This is the first vampire-romance that is not completely predictable and that has a different pov on the myths. I like how you developed everything and how, even though there were some cheesy moments, it was pretty balanced and it held my attention throughout all 3 books. Normally I would've been bored at some point with supernatural stories but this was awesome. I loved the characters and all the drama an romance. Again, i think you're very talented and I'm looking fwd to anything you decide to share with us in the future. Thanks!


PS, I thought Emma's mom was gonna end up with Peter haha...see not that predictable haha. Good Job!
4/8/2011 c12 rebelbecca1913
twilights amazing...however, if i were halina i would agree
3/18/2011 c23 Kalaina D. A. Lynn
stupid emotional vampire's is right i cant stop crying, sigh but i love this story!
3/7/2011 c24 gert
I was so happy everything ended good.

The chapters with Julian missing was heart

breaking. I was so hoping Gabriel didn't have

anything to do with him being taken, but you never

know. Also the staking of Gabriel, great switch.

I like how you had everyone make their choices on moving.

Poor Tracey, wish she could know about them for Emma, but

true she wouldn't be able to handle it. lol

What a beautiful wedding, loved Halina's comment about the groomsmen she walked down the isle with. lol

I know I am all over the place with this, but I also wanted

to comment on how you wrote the twins. How you showed their connection and love for each other was superb. Thank you for a great story.
2/23/2011 c24 Haley's Comet
Bravo! Well done! For a moment, I thought it would have been better if you delved more into the twins' special bond...like maybe having Nika pointing the way to Julian's location when all else failed -Malcolm not telling the truth about Julian's location. But now that I know that you are writing another story in the twins' pov, I think it ended the right way. For Teren and Emma's sake, as parents who are supposed to protect their children, it ended wonderfully.
2/16/2011 c24 hayleytibbs
oh what a lovely ending it was just perfect, I do love my happy ever afters.

I loved that it was Asley's wedding she sure deserves happiness and soo funny to see Halina in a full gown and yay for making Christian not stray :D ..hehe bless her.

So glad you decided to give Tracey and Emma longer as friends, I had saved reading the final chapter because I had trip coming up so I sat on the train Friday crying my eyes out reading it, atleast it stopped people sitting by me haha :D

I am sure going to miss Teren and Emma but hopefully you will let us see them a little if you do write a follow on through the eyes of the twin ... Oh please do, it will be great.

Finally a big Well Done to you :D What an amazing series :D

much love x Hayley x
2/15/2011 c25 miquest
i'm not very good with reviews... I want u to know that i've followed all 3 of ur conversion books avidly...

you have a great way of bringing out the stories. :) Thanks for sharing it with all people.
2/15/2011 c25 2akaCHEEKS
Please please please tell me that you're going to write a sequel about the twins when they get older! Oh, and are you ever going to have your books available in hard copy? As I keep saying, I would really love to have your work grace my bookshelf. And I apologize if I've already asked some of the questions I wrote on here, I forget things easily and I'm too lazy to check my previous reviews.
2/13/2011 c24 5charliej
Brava! Take a bow. Great job on this trilogy.

I loved this story and this chapter was the perfect ending. Everything tied up so nicely with lots of 'happily ever after' to go around.

I laughed at th vision of Halina as a bridesmaid. Poor woman. She really is a good friend to Ashley. And I liked how she did her thing with Christian to make sure he'd never stray. Not that I'd like to believe he would but...

And letting Tracey keep her memories for awhile was so good too. I actually started to tear up a bit there so I'm glad you relented. They can still be friends for a few years and by then Emma will have a few friends at her new home.

Oh, and the new home. Bigger and better, eh? I should have known. And the kids being home schooled until Highschool is definitely a good plan.

I'm sorry to see this series end. I'll miss Teren and the rest but if you're considering doing something with the kids, at least we'll be able to get glimpses of them.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us yet again. Eagerly looking forward to your next offering.
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