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5/16/2011 c1 10ZionsAflame
Poetic...I could say more but the truth is there is no need. If you don't know already. You are a great poet.
11/22/2010 c1 28HellPhoenix
Sometimes you're not sure if someone could help you, in my case I know I have someone to listen to me when I have problems, to not give up and try to see the other side of the doubt. But there's hear and there's hear and make it worth.. I mean you talk about your problems and feel like: I'm glad I talked about you like this. I feel better now. Usually I feel the same after talking with someone. That's why I need to write. To share my thoughts with myself, and later with someone who feels like this too.. Thanks for sharing.. I hope this is a good situation of hearing the other (;
11/22/2010 c1 189oxytocin
I'm not really sure what this is about. The lack of end-stopping makes the whole poem seem a bit vague, as if you don't really know where you're going with it. Add a bit more punctuation and it will look more professional, I think. Also remember to spellcheck - 'We were all HEAR for you' should be 'We were all here for you'. The rhyming is well-paced, and not awkward, but you seem to have chosen words for their capability of rhyming with the previous line, rather than because they actually contribute to the poem. The 'it' of the first three lines is never explained, nor is the equally baffling image of the 'shared golden band'. Altogether quite a confusing poem.

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