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1/13/2011 c5 Voldemort
well jeez, you just laid a huge bomb on us. LOL. but it's good. when i read it, i was like "HOLY SHIT, OH NO SHE DIDN'T"

one problem is though, when akane and jin have the huge dialogue, it was kinda hard to follow. maybe chunk them into paragraphs?

keep updating sherry berry :D
12/23/2010 c4 Voldemort
great story sherry! it's really good! i'm looking forward to the next chapters. one thing is that, i find chapter 4 went by really fast.

also, i kinda feel that akane hasn't been in very serious drama in the 4th one. make sure she's in the 5th chapter :D

ANYWAYS, other than that, AMAZING. love it. can't wait for the next chapter.

12/17/2010 c4 5Aera the Ninja
Reika POV, mistake:

When the teacher is telling her about her loss of concentration and counsellor thing, you put "I told her sure, and then she left alone." which doesn't make sense.

Aika POV, mistake:

Elevator part, "The elevator gave a huge shook" it makes sense, but doesn't 'a huge shake' make better sense?

and then when kazuhiko and aika are talking, she says "we'll you're a diff..." it should be 'well' instead of 'we'll' :D

btw, i was on your profile and...

OMG naruto is 7/10 best anime/manga?

it's higher than kamichama karin! and full moon!

haha, and you changed 'love kills' to 'requiem of a dream' :)
12/14/2010 c4 1Gothic-Neko-Writer
Omg! He said he LOVED her and He KISSED her! *starts hyperventalating* I guess this is where the romance starts, ne? (Or the drama lolz)

12/4/2010 c3 5Aera the Ninja
heyy sherry, i found one mistake -

Reika POV, first paragraph i think, she's thinking of any bad things that happened to Aika, and you put 'either than that'... its supposed to be 'other than that'!

anyway, i liked it, you're getting so good at writing :)

i like the different POV changes, but if you do like, 5 changes, its gonna get confusing - you have about 3 i think - which is a good amount (in my opinion) :D

see you soon!
12/4/2010 c3 1Gothic-Neko-Writer
lolz NOW he relizes she's pretty! It took him a while XD LOVE SQUAREE! (That's what I'm sensing XD)

12/4/2010 c3 Manga-is-love
Nice! Kazuhiko is finally starting to realize that Aika is really pretty. He seems pretty slow... :) Anyways, i can't wait until the next chapter!
12/4/2010 c2 Manga-is-love
Once again, truly amazing! I'm kind of surprised you only have 6 reviews! This story actually deserves more than that! Keep on writing!
12/4/2010 c1 Manga-is-love
Wow, good job on the first chapter. It's coming along really well. I think you can slow it down just a bit right? Anyways, it's just a suggestion, but other than that it was excellent! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

12/4/2010 c2 Gothic-Neko-Writer
awee! Poor Reika and Kazuhiko! T^T

12/3/2010 c2 4Julia Lucrezia Hanazono
WHAT! Kazuhiko's wretched father killed his brother! Gr! I hate Satoshi! I hope he dies too! Awesome chapter! I love how he pushed Akane away like that. Akane's such a bully! I hope she doesn't do anything bad to Aika! I can't wait for more chapters of this!
12/2/2010 c1 Julia Lucrezia Hanazono
Wow! Is this really your first story! It's very developed and well-written! I cheered when Aika stood up to that snotty girl. She's a cool character! Insta-fave! I can't wait for more chapters of this!
11/28/2010 c1 Kanrei
nice story and ideas but the story is a little um...rushed? don't you think?
11/27/2010 c1 1Gothic-Neko-Writer
nice! XD U know what's weird the music part reminds me of my childhood. Anyways if he wasn't so important and popular I would've slapped him...hard! XD I got my inspiration the same way Aika did =D Really nice writing Strawberri!

11/27/2010 c1 rosesecret02 jen
OMG, i was browsing, and i found your story! it's jen from ccvi btw :DD

I LOVED IT! lol, the different cliques and the names you came up with (shoot me now, i wanna die, sluts R us)

and most of the names, i recognize! lol akane? and rika, reika... a whole bunch. its like a whole mix :D

loved it! a few mistakes, not much :)

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