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5/30/2013 c37 Aeris.Lockheart507
Plagiarism makes me so incredibly angry. You will find that I have left a long review on blythe5's plagiarized version of your story. I am in full support of you and your stories. Her profile may say that she is only 13 but she should have some idea of the offenses she has committed and it would not be taken lightly. Rest assured- karma is a bitch.
5/29/2013 c37 Ana
I am so sorry to here about your story. I have just finished reading it (which is a Fantastic story by the way) and have tried to help you by reporting the stealers story and will also report the other story she posted The Matchmake which I am also a fan of.
5/29/2013 c37 Emily
Aurette, you are handling this situation with dignity and class - I am immensely impressed you took the time to let us know she is only 13. Having said that, I hope she will learn this lesson early on that plagiarizing is never okay. It is theft of intellectual property and if she went onto college, it would get her kicked out.

Good luck, I hope her story is removed ASAP.
5/29/2013 c37 mia aurora
I just report the 'writer'..oh please I hope you will not take down any of your stories here.. :{
5/29/2013 c37 AN ANGRY ELF
...if only there was a haven from these thieves!
(oh, wait...)
5/29/2013 c37 5Roses Forever
Plagiarism should be punishable by having their hands cut off.
5/29/2013 c37 4CorvaCarolina
Ugh, I hate thieves! I just found a self-published novel FOR SALE on Amazon that clearly borrowed from my story A Million Miles Away. It's an author's worst nightmare.
5/26/2013 c1 Devine42
I really love your story but I thought I would let you know that someone on Fanfiction has used your work and only changed the names (it's a Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Love Letters by blythe5). I just thought I would let you know because the author blatantly did this and gave no credit to you.
5/14/2013 c22 IMadeYouReadThis
Well shit, I guess it was two more chapters then.
5/14/2013 c20 IMadeYouReadThis
You are a bitch (sorry, I don't mean it that way), I need to get to sleep but I can literally feel my self-control withering away. Just one more chapter.
5/14/2013 c11 IMadeYouReadThis
Shit shit shit shit shit, I'd comment properly but I need to know what happens.
5/7/2013 c29 1tolivelaughlove
So I am just going to go cry in a hovel now. You are murdering me. I do not ship Angel and Nikita. I want her to go away and Manda. We've only seen her once and she annoys the shit out of me. Also I need Ives to have a love. Ugh. Reading this is so painful. This is only the 2nd story of yours I'm reading and I believe I should put you in my fav authors or something.
4/16/2013 c36 sharpbreeze
it's awesome! i don't think i need to say more.
4/15/2013 c29 7MissNightOwl
Argh I'm so tempted to skip ahead. If this was a book, I would've already spoiled it .
3/17/2013 c1 16flamesflyer
Haven't started reading the actual story yet, but a comment on your a/n at the beginning, THANK YOU! I have a lot of guy friends that have "female" names, according to some. They tend to shorten it so it sounds more "masculine" and I think it's stupid. Alexei goes by Alex because he got teased a lot when he was in elementary school. Personally I like Alexei better than Alex. Even though I tend to shorten everyone's name just because it is easier for me to remember, there are some names that shouldn't be shortened.
Nico, Nikola, will always be Nikki to me because that's how he introduced himself when we first met. He changed his name to Nico after being introduced to an other friend of mine. Nikki said his name was Nikki, my friend asked him if he was sure that was his name. It's been Nico ever since. Ironically he has a younger brother named Nikita.
Is it weird that the only two female Nikitas I know are both Jamaican?
Same could be said about girls having "guy" names, though it seems to be more socially acceptable. For example my friend Corey is always asked what her full name is because for some reason her name cannot just be Corey, it has to be Corina or Corine or something like that.
Personally I prefer certain traditionally male names that have been feminized more for guys. Names like Kelly, Robin, Morgan... I really don't like it when girls are named Morgan. It's not that I have anything against parents who give their daughters a "guys" name, if I ever have a daughter I'm calling her Charlie, I just don't like how people assume that a name is a "girls" name just because a lot of girls are called that. For example, Ashley. A little boy in a class I was volunteering in was named Ashley and on his first day at a new school this one little devil's brat announced that Ashley was a girls name. So I made them watch Gone with the Wind. Some parents thought that Gone with the Wind was too mature for grade three's, but it stopped kids from teasing Ashley about his name. Though them stopping could have been a result of being made to watch the extremely long film and the threat of reading the book to them if they didn't stop.
Ok I'm actually going to read your story now...
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