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6/16/2015 c20 1my princess ending
I'm sobbing for Nikita. All his actions backfired on him. He didn't have anything but good intentions and I wish Amy would just forgive him already but I understand that she can't. At least she doesn't hate him. I'm just so sad that they've come to this point and I hope their relationship is fixed as soon as possible!
6/15/2015 c17 my princess ending
I'm assuming you write the lyrics yourself? They're really good! I wish Nikita would sing so I can hear his voice. The thought of him singing sounds magical. I'm really glad they opened up to each other AND DECIDED TO FINALLY GET A MOVE ON WITH THE RELATIONSHIP. I'm worried about Nikita because I'm like five hundred percent sure this won't be the last time he'll be depressed like this. Oh, if only drunk driving weren't a thing. And let me just say you're such a dear! I love reading your author notes, they're so funny and I love them!
6/15/2015 c10 my princess ending
I absolutely love when Amy and Nikita email each other! It's so cute and their comments towards each other are so snarky and I just want them to see each other again! I can't wait!
6/15/2015 c3 my princess ending
Amy is definitely me, except we have different taste in music. She's so laid-back and direct, I love it. I find it interesting how you leave small hints and mentions of people or things from Amy's past but not explain about them. It's as if we're actually inside Amy's head, thinking her thoughts. And I love how we get to read one of Amy's letters at the beginning of each chapter. Too cute.
6/15/2015 c35 nikkosantosxxx
It's awesome, and wouldve been perfect if only nikita is serious enough about Amy to chase her around for a bit. I don't get why he left just like that. I really don't. And I don't get a thousand times why Amy is so upset about the whole lying-about-not-knowing-her in the first place. The lie is white. Nothing serious. But I love your story.

PS I love Ives, and I want him for Amy.

PPS I love Angel too, and kind of wished she end up well with Nik.
4/20/2015 c20 Diving in
I don't understand. She's upset because he didn't tell her he knew she was the one who wrote the letters, when they first met, right? But the favorite song thing, she wanted her future husband to sing her? She knew he had read her letters. So why is she upset about that?
12/17/2014 c36 1InsertFakeNameHere
At least tell me this, did they end up together in the end? I have to know!
11/28/2014 c36 1ClippedNinja
I really enjoyed this story _ was painful to go through it and watch the two idiots just easily give up on each other! Gasp! And on her birthday! But the ending was ended off perfectly! Makes sense after everything that happened too! I really feel bad for Nikita, he really loved Amy and still loves her, but he also loves Angel and really wanted to marry her :0 although I'm kinda shocked that after just a year and a half she proposed to him...? Like woah isn't that a little too fast celebrities? XD although she was battling with her inner problems too and in the end the marriage ended! Why is love so complicated? I really don't want what happened to Amy and Nikkta in part one to happen to me :/ right now I'm really Inlove with my boyfriend, he's my soulmate cause we click so easily and even though I've never felt any excitement or all those head over heels feeling when we first met, it instead felt so different, like you find that person feeling :3 and like it said in one of Amy's letters, you just know when someone is your soul mate :D of course we have our up and downs a lot cause we are still young and dependant on others.

Anywho you're story really came across to me and made me promise to myself to not let go so easily. I can't deal with pain and liars like Amy, I was in such a shock when I was first lied to by my boyfriend or he didn't find that he needed to mention something to me after a year of dating. I was so broken and he only stayed quiet the whole time. Was really horrible and a traumatic event for me, reminds me of their last scene together in part 1. But I really love my boyfriend and eventually after pretty much argueing everyday we managed to cool it off ... Cause I know he feels bad.

I really felt that I learnt a lot from this story, how trust is risk, how love is painful and fragile, how easy it is to move on to, but also how easy it is to forgive and love a man that has hurt you several times. Oops going a bit too far with this review! I'm just soooo glad I came across this story :D I look forward to reading your future stories! I really wanna buy this as a paperback, I'm surprised you haven't taken this down yet! But I'm also kinda glad thank you!
7/21/2014 c36 Dreaminglight
I found this story about a year ago. I started reading it but got mad with Amy and Nikita parting ways that I stopped reading. I started reading it again cause I could not forget about this story. The way you wrote the story was so real and made me cry multiple times. I was happy for them, got mad with Amy's decisions... Stopped reading it again. After months of off and on with this amazing story I finally finished it! I would have loved and epilogue to not leave us hanging,but the end was wonderful. So sad Amy's story has come to an end. When you publish the story,please notify us. I would love to have it in paperback.
7/18/2014 c37 ajashire1
This story is so wonderful and the ending is so perfect. I feel tears brimming in my eyes; seriously breathtaking. It's going into my favorites right now and you are without a doubt one of my favorite writers.
7/16/2014 c32 Raychin
You have a very good story. I like your ending because it has hope, the hope they will end up together. You give us te felling that they will because of ther lingering feelings. You have done a very good job!
6/24/2014 c36 Emerald Scar
Beautiful! I absolutely loved the story from start to finish, I thought the emotions were portrayed beautifully and Amy's character is so human and flawed that it's refreshing to read about her. I can't wait to read "All the Bitter Songs" to find out more about Ives.
6/18/2014 c36 faegirl
I liked it
6/18/2014 c30 faegirl
I'm not so enamored with this story any longer, especially with how things are going on. I don't want to get to the end and find out all of this was really just about her and learning how to be a better person. I want romance. NOW. Sure, it would be great to see she improved but ... we'll see.
5/30/2014 c30 daresa09
This chapter makes me so mad .
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