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for Why Voting is Pointless

12/6/2010 c1 23amegakorobu
You're right, it was a bold statement.

You also explained yourself very well and I happen to agree with all the points you made about politicians and voting. Sad truth, that it is.
12/3/2010 c1 7110Million
Two years ago the people of Puerto Rico elected a bright vibrant young man for two reasons: he promised economic relief, and he wasn't the other guy. No less than a year had passed in office, he lays off 17K people. Come May 2010, he supports the use of Police Brutality to break up College Student Strikes. For the record, they went on strike because the University of Puerto Rico was enforcing a tuition hike to pay off their debts.

But I'd like to offer a counter point. Two years ago, in that same election, I voted for the mayor of San Sebastian. And although the economy has hit our town hard, he;s done much to help keep our town clean, vibrant and lively. My vote for him was well placed, and if he runs for mayor once more, you can bet he has my vote.

Not all politicians are worth voting for. But some of them are. And if you don't go out and vote, because you've allowed yourself to let your apathy for politics to guide your judgement, then you will miss out on the one or two good men who probably WOULD have made a difference.

And before you give me the argument about money talks, allow me to offer yet another counter argument. That same election, during the preliminaries, that mayir I mentioned went against another man, the former Mayor, Justo Medina. Justo was backed by many big businesses, who all wished to get a piece of the 'action'. But the people of San Sebastian remembered who it was the beautified our town, and elected the right man for the job.

As citizens, I believe that it is our duty to keep ourselves informed about who each candidate is, what they stand for, and what they believe. That said, I find myself in disagreement with your main point: To me, voting is NOT pointless. But, I DO believe that a democratic government should also respect their citizens right NOT to vote. No government, I believe ought to force anyone to vote against their will. If they do that, how are they different from the dictatorships they so criticize?

Anyway, that was my two cents. Pardon the long review.
12/1/2010 c1 Xevious Cat
I'm from Australia ... I hate it that it's compulsory to vote here, and I'm not even old enough to vote yet! Nicely written essay, very persuasive, I'm not sure I completely agree that voting is a waste of time because I think it's a better system then picking someone because they come from a certain 'bloodline' (aka royalty), but I agree it should be personal choice, not compulsory. When I have to vote I think I'll just pretend I'm dead so they'll leave me alone ...

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