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4/9/2011 c3 12Reminising Obsession
Man this chapter came out fast.Woop.Woop! Aw,shit.I knew Bleach Hair(AKA QUENTIN) was up to something...and he's a mind reader?And the feds are after him...and Mirabelle is coming back into the picture?Aching to know more.Hopefully the next chapter comes out just as fast!:)
4/8/2011 c2 Reminising Obsession
My god!Youve answered my prayers.For the longest of times ive been craving a good sci-fi fic and this story may just be the ticket! It's well written, has a god air of mystery...I could go on.Please update.I love the wittiness of your character by the way.Well hopefully hear from ya later.Til next time
4/8/2011 c1 Reminising Obsession
No lie I love this. Will you please continue?I hope you do.Ill give you a cookie(singsongs)

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