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12/18/2010 c11 Naura
I can see that it's the second-last chapter, but this HAS to be the best chapter yet. Well, in my opinion anyway. Reading the last one now!

12/18/2010 c12 2mandy96
aw really sweet!
12/17/2010 c12 5Toddi Harper
Yes. Just, yes.

I am a real sucker for Soldier stories. They knock me dead every time, so needless to say... I really enjoyed yours. It was nicely written and kept me interested the whole time.

Thank you.

12/17/2010 c12 2hehehaha94
lol interesting chapter.. is this the last chapter?
12/15/2010 c9 Naura
I'd really like to see this continue. Only three more chapters! Gah! I just hope they get together soon. And it's not your fault Sam. Well...not entirely. Anyway, they're getting a little shorter, I noticed. But that's okay. I'd like to see a happy ending to all this.

12/15/2010 c9 Twilightfan108
update soon loved it
12/14/2010 c8 Naura
Oh my God, why did she run away? I can understand why she did it, but still! She could have stayed and just told him she wasn't ready! I just hope Chris does not give up! I'm starting to like this fic more than any of the others you've written (and that's saying something. I mean, have YOU read When The Stars Go Blue?)

'Don't let it get away'

12/12/2010 c8 15OpenLocksWhoeverKnocks
this is a really good story!
12/12/2010 c8 2CaBlasch87
this is so heart renching..its amazing, keep up the good work
12/12/2010 c8 7sparksflyXOXO
aw, she ran away. :( stiil a great story- update soon ( i no u wiil)
12/12/2010 c7 sparksflyXOXO
that. was. an. awesome. chapter. i love how ur making the 12 days of christams song tie in with the chapter. plus this chapter was longer. :) kep updating!
12/12/2010 c8 8Water Colours
Ah I just had to stop reading here didn't I?

D: God, I want this to update. xD

It's a very good story, you are a very good writer~ 3
12/12/2010 c7 Me Down Here Again
I'm speechless. This chapter was so beautifully written and described. I could actually feel the way the both of them were feeling. You're a brilliant author. Can't wait till you update. I'm going to check out your other stories.
12/12/2010 c6 Me Down Here Again
I loved the ending of this chapter! Aww! And I loved the woman too! Hehehe so funny!
12/11/2010 c3 Me Down Here Again
Just had to review this chapter. It was lovely. Especially when he said that it was the first time he had been truley happy since the war. It's beautiful. I'm lovin this story so far even though I wish the chappies were longer. But it seems like a drabble story and you update everyday so it's all okay. :)
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