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12/11/2010 c7 Naura
Yay! The best one yet! I can't wait for the next few updates!

'I can't live with or without you'


P.S. Sorry this one is really short, but I'm in class right now. Ciao =)
12/11/2010 c1 2mandy96
I love how you've got Sam and Chris together in most of your stories!

manda :)
12/10/2010 c5 soccerbabe333
this is- as ive said before- realy really good. i love how u ended that chappie. i hope u dont mind some constuctive sritisium- but i hav 2 points-

1- these chapters are really short- can u try and make them a little bit longer. altho this isnt bad- cas u update really quikly- so it really isnt a prob.

2- it kinda seems a little drabble type story.idk y, just does.
12/10/2010 c5 1schoeppc
This is a really good story so far, I can't wait to see what happens.
12/10/2010 c2 Your Worst Nightmare
This was adorable. "When I had my feet in the clay, I would think about you and my head would be in the clouds." And "I only want you." AWW. (heart)
12/10/2010 c1 Your Worst Nightmare
I have to admit what caught my eye and my interest was the mention of the army. I love soldiers and I love reading war fics. Definitely going to continue. :)
12/9/2010 c3 Naura
AW! I can see that Sam and Chris (here anyway) are different people, but you just won't let them go, will you?

But I like this story and I can't wait to see what the other stories will be like. I liked this one in particular; it's definitely more light-hearted than the other two and I like that :)

Please do continue, Sherry

12/9/2010 c2 7sparksflyXOXO
aw, that was so sweet again. i loved how sam just didnt fall right into chris's arms, good for her backbone! but still, chris was really sweet, update again soon please!
12/8/2010 c1 sparksflyXOXO
great details, i like that analogy about life- perfect sense. ur a really great writer- i cant wait for the next chapter.
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