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for Broken Glass

12/16/2010 c2 2Songs-from-the-Heart
Very strong beginning into each person's life. I love reading this type of history because it makes me think, "what went wrong in this time?' and 'will this happen again?' I pray not because people are people all equal. I was in the play, I Never Saw Another Butterfly and I played the lead, Raja Englanderova. I already loved this sad time but representing someone who lived through this time was emotional. I wrote poems for some characters from the play for a creative project.

I'm happy to read about this because I haven't seen many true stories for this time. I'm looking forward to it.
12/11/2010 c1 Joy
A great start, the charactors are very believable. Please add to it, the only thing wrong was it's to short!

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