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for Black Rain

12/23/2010 c1 takatofan1986
Wow. Your extremely descriptive! You do a great job! You have very interesting stories.
12/23/2010 c1 Dr. William Bell
Well, you have some dark stuff here. But it's not bad at all. Once again, some good writing, and I look forward to more. Good job! You have some real talent.
12/23/2010 c1 By the wind
ths was defo my fav of all ure stuff...the descripts were so powerful i cud almost TASTE wat ws goin on. great bro, just great... ^^
12/13/2010 c1 yoyoyo7789
Personally, I adore this story. It's an amazing idea; one that's been thoughtfully presented, and exceptionally expressed. Additionally, the writing style is similar to that of Eden, and yet I also feel that you've improved since then. =)

You've kept your unique feel, and it's still definently gritty; but it makes for a slightly easier read this time around. Whether that's a good thing or not comes down to the individual - some people will enjoy having to put their brains into gear, like with Eden, and yet others will prefer reading something deep without the addition of the "...wha?" factor hahaha. This one makes you think, without a doubt, but it's no chore to do so. =)

All in all...awesome stuff, buddy. =)

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