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7/6/2014 c16 1RexRave
done? how can it just be done? is there like a book two?
7/6/2014 c9 RexRave
i thought that ash or carter would tell about her mom's death glad they didn't!
5/10/2014 c16 deets1
Aw, man, what news. I just got here and I really like this story. And that is THE biggest tease of a cliffhanger I have ever seen. I mean she's probably fine, but still. Really? And so ironic too. Wow.

I really like this story so far. Beck and Ryan are fun, as are all of them and I can't wait to keep reading the new version.

Thanks for sticking with this throughout the years, though you didn't have to.

5/27/2011 c14 FisherrGavinn
We LOVE this Story, Meriwether academy is the most amazing thing we have ever read on fictionpress. Me and Gavin really cant wait for the next chapter to be published, PLEASE can you make it a long chapter? WE REALLY ARE IMPATIENT! SORRY! WE JUST REALLY LOVE YOUR STORY!

(Gavin) Hii, we love your story and really hope you make more and more chapters :)

From Gave&Fish (=

x x x
5/21/2011 c14 2CaBlasch87
wow..very intense, next chapter please? lol. keep up the good work
5/21/2011 c14 1Rollin'WithYou
Oh My God! i love this story! i cant wait for the other chapters! this has to be my favourite story on fictionpress, is the guy who shot her lewis or louie? i cant remember his name at the moment, all i caan think of is WHO THE HECK SHOT HER? i totaly suport this story and you and please please please upload more chapters :)
5/9/2011 c13 Noemi x
This is like the best story i have ever read so far o fictionpress, i cant wait for more of the chapters to come out, there are more right?

Also the weirdest thing is that i used to date a guy called RYAN CARTER :)

Chelsea and Beck are great together, i cant wait to read more :) Please Upload More xX
5/7/2011 c13 JadeDream
How can she not like beck having his arm around her? Lol she's crazy! Hope she gets over it, anyways love it as usual, can't wait to read the next chapter!
5/7/2011 c13 7WoodpeckerWho
See you later, Alligator... In awhile Crocodile ;) I've heard that saying xD And Chillax... But maybe I just spend too long on American sites... Anyway, yes, the chapter! I just found myself grinning all the way through it (still am, actually) just because it seemed such a happy and natural friendship between them all. Can't wait to see what now happens with Liam/Beck, and also meet Mackenzie and Ellie :D
5/1/2011 c12 2CaBlasch87
this had me smiling the whole time, so cute!
4/30/2011 c12 JadeDream
Whoo an update! I love the chapter, and I hope he's there when she wakes up! Lol. Update soon!
4/30/2011 c11 7WoodpeckerWho
... Fictionpress totally cut off all of my review . What I was continuing to say (from the crappy two words), was that I'm really looking forwards to where this story is going, and can't wait for more romance, hopefully between Chelsea and Beck ^.^ I'm glad that we now know about his past; the parent spy thing is pretty cool. Gotta say; Ryan and Carter are kinda cute... Not as much as Chelsea and Beck, but there you go xD There was just one thing that I didn't get about the chapter (well, the one that I originally reviewed...) : [Beck flashed them the British version of the middle finger over his shoulder.] - I didn't really understand that, and would be most grateful if you could explain. Anyhow, can't wait for your next chapter, please update soon! :D
4/30/2011 c12 WoodpeckerWho
Aww, fluff
3/26/2011 c11 3Brightheart
carter has a boyfriend. nice.
3/22/2011 c11 2CaBlasch87
aww! yeay! i love it!
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