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1/24/2019 c6 Jake
This story is almost a decade old so I'm really under no impression that anyone is gonna read this, but I just wanted to say I really like the story but as a word of concern...I feel a little uncomfortable about the logistics of this friendship. Lampshading Sebastian's problematic behavior doesn't make it okay. If he's a tutor who works with children, following his underage clients around is an ethical violation and wildly unprofessional.

I think it would be better if Eli was a year older and a freshman in college. But its your vision and your story, just wanted to give my two cents. This relationship is really creepy and seems like grooming tbh.
4/5/2018 c37 Guest
Hello! I just wanted to say thanks für this amazing story. I never expected it to be so good when I randomly clicked on it.

Your narrative had so much character and wit and charm that it left a lasting impression, and that‘s something I can‘t even say about a lot of commercial stories. You really nailed Sebastian and his personality just by employing this distinct tone. Hats off to your writing’s voice.

Your characterisation intrigued me, and it felt quite believable apart from a few times where it seemed not as complete as it could have been. I‘m saying this because I know people who suffer/ed through/from parental neglect, several traumas, lack of self-esteem, guilt and emotional outbursts. I liked how you scratched the surface of some of these deep psychological themes - I definitely recognised several behavioural patterns in Eli‘s characterisation - though the scope of the story hardly allowed for a more thorough exploration of Eli‘s psyche. A week is simply too short to truly show what damage years/decades of neglect do to a person even if they manage not to break in the face of such adversity. And its time frame is far from the painfully slow reality of reversal and recovery.
For that reason I would have loved to see a slower, more detailed, gradual and non-linear portrayal of his personal development, but you delivered plenty for such a short novella. Thanks for trying to give a glimpse into what building trust with such vulnerable, yet fierce personalities entails.

I‘m looking forward to your other works, and I‘m rooting for you to find a publisher for your stories because you clearly deserve a shot at making a living with your ambitious, unconventional and distinct, high-quality narrative.
7/22/2017 c37 5Ishotthealbatross
God, this was such a good fucking story. I really, really want more of this
7/22/2017 c29 Ishotthealbatross
Awwww. I'm so glad :)
7/22/2017 c28 Ishotthealbatross
Oh man I'm sad now :(
7/22/2017 c27 Ishotthealbatross
This was amazing. 10/10
7/22/2017 c26 Ishotthealbatross
Ahhhh. So good. Very glad this exceeds 50k words.
7/21/2017 c23 Ishotthealbatross
Brilliant chapter. So well written. It gave me warm fuzzies and my heart was melting.
7/21/2017 c17 Ishotthealbatross
Laughed for a full 5 minutes at that ending. Hell yeah, Eli.
7/21/2017 c16 Ishotthealbatross
My heart aches for Eli. But the last moment in this chapter did make me happy. I love them both so much. Sebastian is an angel, honestly.
7/21/2017 c15 Ishotthealbatross
I think it was better to not have the kiss then. This chapter had more character development (always important before mushy scenes and/or smut). Anyway, fantastic chapter. Loved it
7/21/2017 c14 Ishotthealbatross
Laughing my butt off at this story. Also the feels dude. These kind of stories, which combine humour and emotion so flawlessly, are the reason why I read so much.
12/19/2016 c33 Anon
This whole chapter 33 upended the story for me. It all made everything come crashing down into cringe town. Coming into this story I was excited, bc I thought I true gay for you was going to happen. That Elisexual was going to be a true thing and I was excited, so I was able to deal with throwing reality out the window along with plausibility. The constant crying from the guys was hard to deal with and made me roll my eyes, but I pushed through bc I was having fun with this story. Then certain descriptive words of Eli's looks as if he looks so much younger, and like a little boy, and then Matty! Matty just made things uncomfortable and weird. He had potential as a character I could have liked, especially if he was older, but a freshmen in high school? With an older boyfriend who just started college? Then Matty in Seb's dream in a sexual way, then the line that Seb only turned Matty down bc he loved Eli, and wasn't attracted to him? How about the fact that would make him a pedophile? This whole chapter just made everything so yucky! The mother is abusive and terrible, and the fact Eli doesn't hate her makes zero since, I can understand he loves her bc she's his mom, but you can still hate her. There was soo much more he should have said and it was a missed opportunity. It's shocking cps never was called. It seems Seb is biromantic demiromantic demisexual. The demisexual part is for the side of him that's into guys if he is into guys outside of just Eli, which breaks my heart bc I thought this was going to be a true GFY not out for you. A missed opportunity for not exploring this as well as going deeper into Seb's identity. A shame. This story had so much going for it before it got cringe worthy, and so much potential thrown out. Everything bc of chapter 33 now makes the whole story just a fetishsization of gay sex and little boys.
12/10/2016 c37 4sage1111
Yea, this story is truly amazing. I mean, I have cried, laughed and felt genuinely happy at these scenes. Every bit of it is awesome, and I really don't know how to express it :)
Amazing work, this should be published :)
12/9/2016 c26 sage1111
wow! its late now, and I really don't want to go to bed because this story is so amazing! I should..but gosh, its so good :)
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