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12/21/2010 c1 13youngin-matomon
typos and spelling mistakes... ugh, please don't make them anymore: "cought" "chocking" "increse" "constently" "opposit" "neighboars" "suberbean" "brakes" "cheack" "caughed" "knew" "suffred" "mechanicaly" "unnexpected" "infinetly" "himpassionately"

sorry but i hate typos and sometimes they make it hard for me to understand what ur toking about.

and u just made a slight mistake in the poem. it shouldn't be "L'odeur me prend folie, me rend fou de toi," should it?

i think "L'odeur me rend folie, me rend fou de toi," makes more sense...

but other than all that: i love this. it was really good. it was an unusual love story, but it had none of that spontaneous fireworks cliche that i hate so much. so i have only one thing to say: "KEEP WRITING" x)


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