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for Angel of the Night

1/28/2011 c2 Rita
Don't you think it flowed much better? I think it did. A very good transition.
1/16/2011 c5 Sara Isabel
I really like the story I love your description! I can't wait for more! :)
1/2/2011 c3 Rita A. Black
I loved this line: There were traces of the attacker's skin on his victims dismembered corpse, but as far as they could tell, the skin had been dead for years.

Sufficiently creepy. Nice.
1/2/2011 c2 Rita A. Black
Wow, I really like your vampire character and the unique twist of having a mortal son. You set up the scenes very well and the first scene was very descriptive and very very dark. I like it! The change in scene was a little abrupt and could have been written with a better transition, although it reminded me of Victorian-era writings (very melodramatic). Perhaps you could have said something like: "Meanwhile in another part of the city..."

I really like your herione. Keep with the good work! I can't wait to read more.

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