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for Tales of the HumanElf War1

12/31/2010 c1 2Rambo'neil
you had this idea too? thats awesome, i'm currently working on a story just like this one (except from first person and the humans are trying to survive).

anyway, the story was good, the advancement was a bit too fast for my tastes but i'm just one person. i can't really correct any grammar but it would have helped if you had included some more detail in the story.

some science and military that is egging me on.

i cannot find any conceivable way that anyone could fit a thermobaric charge into a package small enough to to fit three in a soldiers backpack. also, unless he was the team sapper (or scavenged from the body) he would not have access to any significant firepower other than his rifle, sidearm and grenades.

other than that, it is good, keep going

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