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1/13/2011 c4 NotSoSlightlyCrazy
good chap sherry :)

its getting interesting ;)

update soon...when you can...or after exams... or when youre done watching anime... :P

whichever :P


have you ever watched Kaze no Stigma?

i like it :3 its good.

but the guy who writes the manga died.

so they arent releasing any new episodes (especially in english - the fuckers)

and it makes me sad cuz it was JUST getting to the part where... well you'll figure it out if you watch it :P


1/13/2011 c4 Voldemort
i was more of this story!

your stories are 34235209384130 times better than mine. (:

btw, you put chapter 4, when it's chapter 3. xD smooth.
1/4/2011 c3 Rosesecret02
Supposedly doing hmwk...

Anyways, greeat, I liked it. Lolol volleyball and badminton :D

For that poll thing, I already voted for BM, but I like this one too :)

Anyway, gotta get back to my hmwk :(
1/4/2011 c3 NotSoSlightlyCrazy



i hope that gym class and peeps werent based off ours today :P i didnt do that bad did i? :(

LOL im kidding, i know its a story, but... :P lol i worry:)

keep it up ! :D
12/31/2010 c2 Voldemort
sherry you bitch. who's this guy you like? D: IS IT BEN?

haha, jokes. but good story! seems kinda ironic that he decides to sit with kaori though... oh well, it's a story right? not like it's your love life... *wink*

update it, i wanna read more!

btw, you got some minor errors. all i could pick up was:

Her hair was died a light brown colour - dyed, not died. :P

That stupid mother thing was like a brick - that stupid mother thing? don't you mean stupid mother *er?

" no." I replied with annoyance in my voice. - capitalize, and backspace that space :O
12/31/2010 c1 6Ulicia
im glad someone out there wants to make a story somewhat realistic (somewhat because hot guys do not appear out of nowhere and sit next to you. too many coincidences.) amazing all the same, so keep writing and ill definitely continue reading the next chapters! and even tho im asian, i still kinda liked the "super asian" bit lol.
12/30/2010 c2 Rosesecret02
Again, too lazy to log on :D

My Internet was off because we were painting the rooms, so I couldn't read TCMN D:

Anyway, it was really good :)

Kazuki... The only guy irl I can think of is Ben? LOL!

FYI I DO NOT have a crush :) so Aran is based on my imagination :P he's not gonna be super perfect. Btw was their meeting like your fantasy meet with your secret crush? :PP
12/30/2010 c2 NotSoSlightlyCrazy
aha, i love it sherry:)

i do want to know who these characters are based off of... i mean, you gotta get inspiration from somewhere right? ;P

I'm Bor with a capital ING

i wonder where this came from^ ;) LOL ME:P y'know, ah-may with a capital ZING

well, i cant take credit :P ahaha, no, you probs thought of it before me :)

YOURE WELCOME! :D (for the thanks before :))

i hope you get more reviewers though :) cuz its off to a good start :)

mention it in your other stories ;) tell them to check it out and see what they think, thats what i do...did, whatever.

i can definitely see that the main character is based off of you, and i can see that just from the dialog LOL

ahaha... super Asian...

you never cease to amaze me sher-bear :)
12/29/2010 c1 NotSoSlightlyCrazy
heyy sherry:)

'tis christine :)

so um, i like this so far actually:D any of the things you wrote directly apply to you? ;) like that whole boyfriend of hte most popular girl thing? :P cmon, tell me if it is:)

update this soon, cause its pree interesting so far ;D

and thanks for the photo raping there earlier, totally violated me. LOL im kidding :P stalk me anytime ;)

love ya sher-bear, and i hope you had a good christmas :D im not really the type of person to make cards for EVERYONE... only those that invite me over to their houses i guess :P lol

hinthint, winkwink nudgenudge ;P y'know, if you want a card:)

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