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for Mutually Assured Destruction

6/11/2019 c12 2stunningaurora
aweee! this plot is so good, i know you haven't updated in like 5-6 years, but it would be so awesome if you started to update this story again! i really wanna know what happens to riley and asher!~
5/23/2019 c12 69AlysonSerenaStone
Great start! I wish you had come back to wish it!
10/31/2018 c12 Xan
I love this story! I keep coming back to reread it all because it's so good. I hope things are okay and there will be an update soon! 3 I haven't stopped believing
11/6/2017 c12 Evil in Hood
Come back child, finish the story
6/3/2016 c12 Guest
This story is amazing! Please please please update! Can't wait to read on.
8/4/2015 c1 Guest
Thank god! Im not the only one! Yeees I reread this and always trick my brain into thinking it has more chapters and then get real sad when I realize its simply not true. :( I hope the author is okay.
6/22/2015 c12 Guest
Does anyone else reread this story every once and a while even though it hasnt been updated in years solely because you're so emotionally attached to it? It kills me.
6/3/2015 c12 kiara
Ahhhhhh! Nooooo! You sucked me in and left me high and dry! Please update something! An ending with a few sentences?
5/18/2015 c12 1jvwalton
I love this story. Please come back.
1/31/2015 c12 Guest
Nooooooo! I didnt realise it would stop here please for the love of all human kind post again! Im hooked arrgghh
12/28/2014 c12 sinister thing
update now update now update now!
12/8/2014 c12 Guest
I keep coming back to reread the chapters over and over again because this story is so good! I really hope you'll post more chapters soon, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. I still haven't lost hope!
10/13/2014 c12 cecilia
please can you put the next chapters your story is really good
9/5/2014 c12 TheImpossibleGirl93
It's been over a year. :( Please update.
7/17/2014 c12 Random
This is such an amazing story. Please update ASAP!
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